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Travel Policies Related to Covid-19



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Documentation, Coding, Compliance, and Practice Management Review Course

Controlled Substance Management Review Course

*Pain Medicine and Interventional Pain Management Comprehensive Review Course

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SBA Disaster Loan Process and Employee Retention Credit Updates and Reminders

On behalf of ASIPP, we would like to remind members of additional financing, SBA disaster loan options, and the Employee Retention Credit Programs designed for economic relief for practices/businesses suffering economic losses from Covid-19. For those who may feel the PPP Loans/Medicare Advanced Payments are not enough to fund operations through the crisis, there is another SBA program that could help you. (continue reading)

ASIPP's Response to CDC Proposed Revision of Opioid Guidelines

There have been numerous changes since the CDC guidelines were first published. During this time, HHS Inter-Agency Task Force developed Pain Management Best Practices: Updates, Gaps, Inconsistencies, and Recommendations. This is an excellent document with significant importance to interventional pain management. (continue reading)

Facet Joint Interventions Guidelines Released June 8, 2020

Manchikanti and 37 distinguished co-authors from multiple institutions have published “Comprehensive Evidence-based Guidelines for Facet Joint Interventions in Management of Chronic Spinal Pain (continue reading)

Good News About Telehealth and Payroll Protection Program

We received a letter from Tracy Richardson, Acting Director, Financial Services Group, Office of Financial Management, Centers for Medicare And Medicaid Services, addressed to ASIPP in reference to confirming their position on telehealth and duration of waivers. (cont. reading)

ASIPP Member Update May 29, 2020

Updated News on Stimulus, Telehealth, CAC Meeting, and Guidelines

Click here to read the latest update

ASIPP COVID-19 Update May 19, 2020

While we are still working on an extension of telephone only and telehealth services, we have not yet been provided a confirmation. However, we want to update our members to avoid any confusion. We were under the impression that June 6 was the end of it but we have now learned it is June 30. (continue reading)

May 12, 2020 Update on COVID-19 News, Resources, and Activity

Dear Friends,

We hope you are doing well. We would like to share with you a few recent issues and updates. (Continue Reading)

HHS Extends Deadline for Provider Relief Fund Payments, HHG OIG Opioid Toolkits, and Update on Opening up Practices

We would like to bring you some good news about the extension of the deadline for attestation and acceptance of terms and conditions for Provider Relief Fund payments to 45 days,  the release of 2 toolkits for calculating opioids levels and identifying patients at risk of misuse or overdose, and lastly, an update on opening up your practices. (Continue Reading)


5.6.2020 Letter to Rand Paul Re: Bipartisan Bill Addressing Shortage of doctors and nurses

5.1.2020 Letter to Seema Verma RE audio only visits

4.15.20 Letter to Seema Verma RE: Questions regarding telephone only, telehealth and reduced reimbursement in contrast to March 17,2020 promotion statement on telehealth in Medicare 

4.9.20 Letter to Seema Verma

4.8.20 Response Letter from CMS


Hopefully, you and your family stayed healthy during the lockdown and are now ready to get back to work. Before you do, there are some things you need to think about. This message will serve to give you some food for thought, so that when you get to work, you do it safely for your patients, staff and yourself. Thank you to Ricardo Buenaventura, MD for compiling these following steps to help the ASIPP members reopen their practices in a safe and efficient manner. 

Please check with your state's department of health and medical board regulations to make sure your office is in compliance with your local regulations.

There are several steps to take as you open your office to a full schedule, and range of procedures, during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. Checklist