Remembering Dr. Raphael Miguel, A Leader in Pain Management

The President of FSIPP, Orlando Florete Jr., M.D. wrote a tribute on the passing of a dear friend and colleague, Dr. Raphael Miguel, on February 25th, 2018. Dr. Miguel was one of the founding members of FSIPP and a lifelong advocate for patients and the pain management specialty


It is with a heavy heart that I learned of the passing of Dr. Rafael Miguel on the morning of February 25, 2018. Dr. Miguel had been a giant among us… a  colleague, teacher, mentor, scholar, leader as well as a friend. Throughout his career, he stood apart as somebody remarkable. He had trained many successful pain specialists all over the country when he headed the Pain Management Fellowship at the University of South Florida. He was exceptionally active in national, regional and state issues involving our specialty. Rafael had a charismatic personality and leadership qualities which were apparent when he represented us in national and state organizations. He committed himself to the advancement of Interventional Pain Management as a recognized subspecialty;  in research, training and patient services. He was passionate in making sure that we practice legitimately and safely, spearheading and pushing for regulations both at the Florida Board of Medicine and the Department of Health to assure patient safety and the prevention of opioid abuse.  He was instrumental in curbing the proliferation of pill mills and transformed the reputation of Florida from the “Wild West” of opioid prescribing to one of the most responsible states in the country in writing controlled substance prescriptions. His contributions to our specialty were powerful and everlasting. In spite of his sickness, he remained an active and dynamic force in our society up to the very end.   Additionally, he remained a devoted family man and friends to many.

It was a great privilege for me to know Rafael for many years. Although his life was cut short by cancer, it was a life well lived. He will be cherished and remembered by many and his legacy will live on.

Orlando Florete Jr., M.D.

President FSIPP

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