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April 20, 2016


  • ASIPP 18th Annual Meeting a Tremendous Success
  • ICD-10 Book Now Available: Order Your Copy Today!
  • ASIPP to Hold Didactics on Disc Decompression, Imaging, Controlled Substance, Practice Management, Interventional Techniques in Memphis June 9-10, Cadaver workshop June 11, 12 
  • Mindfulness Study for Chronic Pain Shows Promising Results 
  • APS, Pfizer IGLC Partner to Fund Chronic Pain Research 
  • Motor vehicle driving performance of anesthesia residents after overnight work shifts 
  • FDA issues three new draft guidances related to compounding of human drugs 
  • Can Clinicians Be Misled About FDA 'Breakthrough' Drug Designation? 
  • Daily Pain Variations: A Weak Link to Opioid Craving 
  • State Society News
April 6, 2016
  • ASIPP Annual Meeting: A Meeting of Innovations in IPM for Success

  • ASIPP 2016 Annual Meeting Mobile App is now available 

  • CMS touts ICD-10 implementation success but Interventional Pain Management

    Practices May Not Agree! Use of the ASIPP® new ICD-10-CM Pocket Guide Can Help Ease the Burden!

  • Obama Sets Task Force to Ensure Access to Addiction Tax

  • ACP Calls on Government to Curb Drug Prices 

  • Majority of Opioid Overdose Patients Still Prescribed Opioids 

  • FDA Issues Draft Guidance for Development of Abuse-Deterrent Opioids 

  • Are US reimbursement trends stifling medical device innovation? 

  • Using Ibuprofen After Surgery: Does It Increase Bleeding Risk? 

  • ER Naltrexone Associated With Lower Rate of Opioid Relapse 

  • Pfizer and Allergan call off their $160 billion merger after U.S. move to block inversions

  • Value-Based Insurance Program Raises Compliance

  • State Society News

March 30, 2016
  • ASIPP Annual Meeting: A Meeting of Innovations in IPM for Success

  • CMS touts ICD-10 implementation success but Interventional Pain Management Practices May Not Agree! Use of the ASIPP® new ICD-10-CM Pocket Guide Can Help Ease the Burden!

  • ASIPP to Hold Didactics on Disc Decompression, Imaging, Controlled Substance, Practice Management, Interventional Techniques in Memphis June 9-10, Cadaver workshop June 11, 12

  • Epidural Injections Effective for Managing Chronic Spinal Pain

  • Obama Sets Task Force to Ensure Access to Addiction Tx

  • ObamaCare may force employers to pull the plug on millions of health plans, CBO report finds

  • How Psychologists, Physicians Can Coexist in Pain Medicine

  • Do Physicians Prescribe Opioids for Longer Than CDC Advises?

  • Study: Open Access Trial Data Underutilized Making data public doesn't translate to actual use

  • State Society News

March 23, 2016
  • Don't Delay! ASIPP® 2016 Annual Meeting Room Discount Rate Ends Tomorrow! 
  • CMS touts ICD-10 implementation success but Interventional Pain Management Practices May Not Agree! Use of the ASIPP® new ICD-10-CM Pocket Guide Can Help Ease the Burden!

  • ASIPP to Hold Didactics on Disc Decompression, Imaging, Controlled Substance, Practice Management, Interventional Techniques in Memphis June 9-10, Cadaver workshop June 11, 12

  • FDA proposes ban on most powdered medical gloves

  • Anthem sues Express Scripts for $15 billion over drug pricing

  • Court grants CMS more time for final notice regarding 0.2% 'two-midnight' cut

  • Listen to March ASIPP® Podcast

  • JAMA: EHR notification overload costs doctors an hour a day

  • Popular Pain Reliever Doesn't Work for Osteoarthritis Patients

  • Americans Take 80% of World's Opioid Supply

  • Feds Quietly Release National Pain Strategy

  • Study: Use of self-filled vs prefilled syringes during anesthesia

  • Fast-Acting Opioids Get New Boxed Warning

  • Medicated Lidocaine Patches Can Improve Sleep, Quality of Life in PHN

  • State Society News

March 16, 2016
  • Don't Delay! ASIPP® 2016 Annual Meeting Room Discount Rate Ends March 24 
  • Stop ICD-10 Disasters with Cash Flow Disruptions and Denials with Seamless Navigation By Ordering ICD-10-CM Pocket Book for Interventional Pain Physicians
  • Listen to March ASIPP® Podcast  
  • ASIPP to Hold Workshops on Imaging, Controlled Substance, Practice Management, Interventional Techniques in Memphis June 9-12 
  • CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain - United States, 2016 
  • Assessing Opioids Prescribed After Low-Risk Surgical Procedures 
  • Mayo Clinic Establishes Model to Help Battle Burnout 
  • Negotiating Higher Rates From Payers
  • How Clinicians Can Promote Behavior Change in Patients 
  • Value-based Care is Ripping Into Health System Profits 
  • AG: Healthcare Accounted for 16% of CA Data Breaches in 2015
  • Cigna could save $350 million from new Medicare Advantage policy shift 
  • Humana CEO to bank $40 million if Aetna deal closes 
  • Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Opioid Addiction Treatment Bill
  • Quality Reporting Costs $40,000 per Physician per Year 
  • State Society News
March 9, 2016
  • ASIPP 2016 Annual Meeting Offers World Class Program to Fill You in on Latest Advances

  • Our keynote speaker on selling health insurance across state lines: Robert Laszewski

  • Stop ICD-10 Disasters with Cash Flow Disruptions and Denials with Seamless Navigation By Ordering ICD-10-CM Pocket Book for Interventional Pain Physicians

  • Physician practices spend $15.4 billion annually on quality reporting

  • Humana CEO to bank $40 million if Aetna deal closes

  • Feds call prescription drug price 2014 increase 'remarkable'

  • U.S. Officials Propose Test Program Aimed at Lowering Medicare Drug Costs

  • Anesthesiologists Managing Chronic Pain: Continuing Education Needed

  • SCOTUS Ruling: States Can't Force Health Care Data Release

  • 'Relentless Effort' Needed to Stop Nosocomial Infections: CDC

  • Nancy Reagan's Legacy

  • Rethinking Strong Opioids for Noncancer Pain

March 2, 2016
  • ASIPP Mourns Loss of Founding Father Dr. Prithvi Raj

  • ASIPP 2016 Annual Meeting Offers World Class Program to Fill You in on Latest Advances

  • Our keynote speaker on selling health insurance across state lines: Robert Laskowski

  • Stop ICD-10 Disasters with Cash Flow Disruptions and Denials with Seamless Navigation By Ordering ICD-10-CM Pocket Book for Interventional Pain Physicians

  • Tennessee House Passes Bill to Preserve ABIPP

  • CMS Allows More Time to Seek Meaningful Use Exemption

  • Listen to February ASIPP® Podcast

  • Feast or Famine: The World's Opioid Gap

  • Characteristics Predictive of Opioid Nonadherence

  • Blue Cross Plans Hit Hard By Obamacare Losses

  • SAMHSA Proposes First Revisions to Substance Abuse Medical Record Privacy Rules in Almost Three Decades

  • Obama administration backs off on ACA rules for 2017 health plans

  • Poll: Only 15 percent say they have benefited from ObamaCare

February 24, 2016
  • ASIPP 2016 Annual Meeting Offers World Class Program to Fill You in on Latest Advances
  • ICD-10-CM Pocket Book now available for pre-order
  • Listen to February ASIPP® Podcast
  • Denervation Tx Helps Patients With Discogenic Back Pain
  • Identifying New Effective Painkillers for Patients With Chronic Pain
  • CMS Clarification on Meaningful Use Hardship Exemption
  • Zyprexa: Also a Pain Med? Meta-analysis suggests analgesic effect for antipsychotic drug
  • Smoking Linked To Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease, Chronic Neck Pain
  • Mind-Body Intervention Can Improve Function, Pain in LBP
  • Do Performance Measures Miss the Point?
  • State Society News
February 17, 2016
  • ASIPP 2016 Annual Meeting has an impressive group of faculty. April 15-17, 2016. Meeting Website Now Available

  • ICD-10-CM Pocket Book now available for pre-order

  • Abstract Submission Deadline Extended to February 22

  • Listen to February ASIPP® Podcast

  • Should Presidential Candidates Be Vilifying Physicians For The High Cost Of Medical Care?

  • Relieving Chronic Pain With Drugs Developed to Treat Mood Disorders

  • Bundled Payments and the Road Ahead

  • HHS Proposes Rule to Ease Some Substance Abuse Disclosures

  • CMS issues final rule on Medicare overpayments

  • Are Opioids Linked to Higher Risk of Infections in RA?

  • Five Healthcare-Related Cases Scalia Left Behind

  • State Society News

February 10, 2016
  • ASIPP Announces Patient Education Program

  • Abstract Submission Deadline Extended to February 22

  • Controlled Substance Management Course Scheduled for February in Orlando

  • Missed your Chance at February Lumbar Endoscopic Course? No Problem, Register for June Course Today

  • ASIPP 2016 Annual Meeting has an impressive group of faculty. April 15-17, 2016. Meeting Registration Open!!

  • ASIPP Webinar: 2016 Medicare Acronyms to Decipher: PQRS, VBPM and QRUR

  • Group Purchasing Organization Offers Better Supplies Pricing and Creates Added Value

  • Obama Releases FY 2017 Budget

  • Identifying New Effective Painkillers for Patients With Chronic Pain

  • HHS proposes changes to the rules governing the confidentiality of substance use disorder records

  • FDA Announces New Measures to Curb Opioid Overdose

  • Medical Schools Boost Pain Management Education

  • Doctor convicted of murder for patients' drug overdoses gets 30 years to life in prison

  • State Society News

February 3, 2016
  • ASIPP Announces Patient Education Program

  • Abstract Submission Deadline February 9, 2016

  • Missed your Chance at February  Lumbar Endoscopic Course? No Problem, Register for June Course Today

  • ASIPP 2016 Annual Meeting has an impressive group of faculty. April 15-17, 2016. Meeting Registration Open!!

  • ASIPP PQRS Webinar: 2016 Medicare Acronyms to Decipher: PQRS, VBPM and QRUR

  • In case you missed it: Pain Physician January issue all Electronic

  • The Power of Suggestion

  • Obama Pledges Additional $1.1B to Combat Opioid Abuse

  • Terminology of chronic pain: the need to "level the playing field"

  • More Teens Don't Think Pot Is That Dangerous

  • Blog: This is the best way to end soaring drug prices

  • State Society News

January 27, 2016
  • Missed your Chance at February  Lumbar Endoscopic Course? No Problem, Register for June Course Today
  • Registration Open for 2016 ASIPP Annual Meeting in Dallas
  • In case you missed it: Pain Physician January issue all Electronic 
  • Less than 20% of nurses comply with standard precautions for infection prevention 
  • Low Back Pain: First-Line Opioids Increase Risk for Long-term Use
  • Could Patient Satisfaction With Clinicians Be on the Rise? 
  • Vicodin Scripts Down After Tighter Controls 
  • How Effective Are Opioids in Neuropathic Pain? 
  • Calmare: A Potential Option for Neuropathic Cancer Pain 
  • State Society News
January 20, 2016
  • Missed your Chance at February Lumbar Endoscopic Course? No Problem, Register for June Course Today
  • Registration Open for 2016 ASIPP Annual Meeting in Dallas
  • 7. Update on PQRS Implementation 

  • A Seamless Navigation to ICD-10-CM for Interventional Pain Physicians: Is a Rude Awakening Avoidable? 

  • ASIPP Podcast for January 

    10. Rising Use of Opioid Painkillers May Lead Soldiers, Vets to Heroin

  • Committee Recommends FDA Approval of Opioid Addiction Implant 

  • The Power of Emotion on Chronic Pain 

  • No Antibiotics for Colds, Sore Throats 

  • State Society News 

    Physician Wanted

January 13, 2016
  • Registration Open for 2016 ASIPP Annual Meeting in Dallas
  • Dr. Devi Nampiaparampil Named Fox 5 New York Medical Contributor
  • Will Delay Weaken CDC Opioid Guidance?
  • HIPAA Rule Change Part of Move to Fight Gun Violence
  • 10 Biggest Challenges to ASC Profitability in 2016 
  • Drug Testing Compliance Webinar
  • 32 Hospitals Will Pay $28 Million to Resolve Kyphoplasty Probe 
  • Meaningful Use Program 'Effectively Over,' Says CMS Head 
  • State Society News
January 6, 2016
  • How Opioid Exposure Increases Odds of Low Testosterone Levels 
  • Update: Will Republicans Up the Ante on ACA Repeal in 2016? 
  • CMS Eyes 'Nurture' as Key to Health Costs 
  • Health Care's $605 Billion Buying Binge May Slow in 2016 
  • Better Health Care Access in Kentucky and Arkansas, Study Says 
  • Many See I.R.S. Penalties as More Affordable Than Insurance


December 30, 2015
  • Majority of Patients Continue to Receive Opioids After Overdose
  • Increases in Drug and Opioid Overdose Deaths - United States, 2000-2014 
  • Eye-Opening Data Reveal Who Prescribes the Most Opioid Rxs: It is NOT Interventional Pain Physicians!!!
  • Toomey, Kaine Call On GAO To Review Pain Clinics' Narcotics Dispensing Practices
  • Prescription Painkillers: Source of Opioid Addiction for Many Women 
  • CMS announces ASC quality reporting appeals process 
  • Topical NSAIDs: A Safe and Effective Option for Managing Osteoarthritis 
  • New Drug Therapy Tackles Chronic Pain 
  • CGRP Inhibitors May Prevent Migraine


December 16, 2015
  • Senators Seek Direction on Combating Opioid Abuse
  • Depressed Mood Triples Risk for Chronic Neck Pain in Office Workers 
  • Older Adults Now Largest Age Group Receiving Opioid Treatment 
  • US healthcare spending grew 5.3% in 2014 
  • What is Acetaminophen's Role With Treating Influenza Symptoms? 
  • Husband and wife steal 80 patient records, use credit card information for $300k shopping spree 
  • What We Learned About HIV in 2015


December 9, 2015
  • ICD-10: A rude awakening coming? CMS: 2014 Saw Spike in Healthcare Spending
  • More than 75% of High School Heroin Users Started With Prescription Opioids
  • Overdose drug helps woman feel pain for first time. ECRI Institute projects $80 billion spend on new drugs, devices
  • Virtual Reality for Pain Relief: Science Fiction to Medical Therapy 
  • Higher TENS Dose Could Ease Low Back Pain in Older Adults 
  • Inflammatory Back Pain Linked With Bone Loss 
  • Readers Name Biggest Medical Stories of 2015   
  • 5 steps to protect against hackers 
  • Research finds higher productivity in positive work cultures
December 2, 2015
  • Why the U.S. Pays More Than Other Countries for Drugs.
  • Safely Prescribing Opioids in an Era of Overdose. 
  • Turing's $750 Pill Daraprim Has $1 Competitor. 
  • Marijuana Use and Child Physical Abuse: Is There an Association? 
  • West VA board drops Infection Control Case. 
  • Address Mental Health Barriers in Chronic Pain. 
  • The Impact of Risk Reduction Initiatives on Chronic Opioid Use. 
  • The Majority of Opioid Abusers Are Not in the Age Group You Might Suspect. 
  • How to Protect Your Practice From a Drug Diversion Investigation. 
  • Reducing our own pain is also reducing empathy for pain in others. 
  • 8 Ways to Prevent Pain During Holiday Shopping.
November 18, 2015
  • FDA Says More Regulation Needed on Lab Tests.
  • Women with Knee Pain May Have Higher Death Risk.
  • Extended-Release Oxycodone/Acetaminophen: Overview of a Novel Opioid.
  • Guidelines for Prescribing Pain Meds for Workers' Compensation.
  • One-Third of New AxSpA Cases Bail Out on NSAIDs.
  • Steroid Shots No Long-Term Help in Knee OA.
  • Unraveling the Mystery of Fibromyalgia. Setting Opioid Dosage Limits in Clinical Practice.
  • What Behaviors Do You Hate on Airplanes?


November 11, 2015
  • Spending bill could mean more health funding, but shutdown is still possible.
  • Neglecting to Review Protocol Leads to Terrible Error, Lawsuit for Physician.
  • Preventing Opioid Abuse: Impact of Tamper-Resistant Formulations.
  • Top 10 Reasons to Stay in the Pain Management Game.
  • HADS: A Quick and Effective Measure of Anxiety and Depression in Acute Pain.
  • Prescription Use Up and Here's Why, Say Researchers.
  • Doctors Who Order More Tests, Treatments Less Likely to Be Sued for Malpractice.
  • Off-Label Prescriptions Associated With Increased Adverse Events.
  • New Guidance on Addiction Disorders Treatments.
  • CMS Publishes Final Payment Rules.
November 4, 2015

ASIPP presents Comments on Cigna Musculoskeletal Precertification ProgramCMS Publishes Final Payment Rules. Death Rates Rising for Middle-Aged White Americans, Study Finds. Jury convicts California doctor of murder in overdose deaths. Prescription Use Up and Here's Why, Say Researchers. The Search for a 'Safer' Ketamine. Antipsychotic Agent May Cause False-Positive Amphetamine Screens. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Improves Insomnia from Chronic Pain. Counseling Patients About Balance in Their Lives is Key to Pain Treatment. Myofascial Pain Treated Faster with Lidocaine, Hyaluronidase Mix...

October 28, 2015

Opioids in the News. Annual Meeting Registration Open: Robert Laszewski to Be Saturday Featured Speaker. Payor, Coverage, and Policies: Denials & Appeals Webinar. ASIPP Asks That Medicare Advantage Program Honor Contract. Are Medicare ACOs Working? Experts Disagree. ASIPP Call for Abstracts. Naproxen Alone Wins for Relieving Lower Back Pain. Innervation Zone Lidocaine Injections Effectively Treat Myofascial Trigger Point-Related Neck Pain. Med School Enrollment Hits New High. Reasons for Nonadherence to Medications. New Tool Suggests Dominance of Non-Painful Symptoms in Peripheral Neuropathy. Pumpkin Seeds Sprout Numerous Health Benefits...

October 21, 2015

Room Block Deadline Oct. 28 for ASIPP's November Meetings - Register for One Today. Annual Meeting Registration Open: Robert Laszewski to Be Saturday Featured Speaker. Capitol Hill Revisited. ASIPP Call for Abstracts. Disappointing Results Seen Thus Far for Choosing Wisely. Annual Physical Exam: Expensive And Unnecessary, Or Valuable For Doctor-Patient Relationships? Medicare Premium Hike Looms, Congress Takes No Action. The Changing Landscape of Prescription Drug Abuse and Diversion. Nonmedical Opioid Use Decreasing, But Complications Still Prevalent. Many private-payer ACOs fail to yield lower costs, better quality. Trends in Controlled Substance Rxs Highlight Need to Curb Overprescribing. Slippery Slope: Academia Takes a Step Back from Industry CME. Beware of Imported Supplements and Nonprescription Drugs, Warns FDA. State Society News. Physician Wanted 

October 14, 2015

Final Voyage of FDA and MPW Epidural Saga: Victory for Practicing Interventional Pain Physicians. 96 percent of physicians would work while sick, study finds. Jeb Bush Releases Health Reform Proposal. The Skinny on Artificial Sweeteners. Study: Americans Spend More on Health Care, but Fare Worse in Terms of Life Expectancy. ICD-10: The early days. Microsoft adds health privacy features to Office 2016. Electronic Records Useful in Predicting Patients with Low Back Pain. CDC Warns of Drug-Resistant 'Superbug' in Multiple U.S. Cities. MedPAC to CMS: Remember the Sustainable Growth Rate. Whistleblower Doctor Warns About Hospitals Hiring Physicians. Are Behavior Disorders Early Risk Factors of Chronic Pain?

September 30, 2015

Whitfield Not to Seek Re-election. ICD10-CM Codes start Tomorrow! 

Scientific American PAIN MANAGEMENT with ASIPP Online Learning System. House Speaker John Boehner to Resign. Inflammatory Back Pain Linked With Bone Loss. ASIPP to Publish Monthly Podcast. How to Overcome Pain Resource Challenges: Part 1. Staying Positive Can Alleviate Painful Conditions. Do FDA's Fast-Track Reviews Skimp on Important Data? Time to Hang Up White Coats for Good?

September 23, 2015

Scientific American PAIN MANAGEMENT with ASIPP Online Learning System. Flipping the code switch: Healthcare industry nervous about readiness for big ICD-10-CM conversion. Is Neuropathic Pain a Common Factor in Rheumatoid Arthritis? ASIPP to Publish Monthly Podcast. NIH puts blood pressure study results on fast track. Medical Marijuana Laws and Increasing Adolescent Use: Is There a Link? Study: Painkiller Abuse Higher in Rural vs. Urban Areas. FDA Investigating Off-Label Pain Med Use in Pediatric Patients. Turing to Cut Price of Drug Daraprim After Increase Sparks Outcry

September 16, 2015

Survival Strategies for the Tsunami of ICD-10-CM for Interventionalists: Pursue or Perish. The Amount You Ate Likely Corresponds to the Size of Your Plate. 5 Recent Hospital Closures. FDA Panel Likes New Abuse-Deterrent Opioid. Drug-Seeking Behavior Turns Deadly for Patient, Leads to Lawsuit for Provider. Don't Fear Opioid Tapering. Some Patients in Pain More Complicated to Treat Than Others. Race May Play a Role in Treating Kids' Pain. Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs: What to Do When There is a Red Flag. How to Protect Your Practice From a Drug Diversion Investigation...

September 9, 2015

House Votes to Reconsider NASPER Bill. Medicare Advantage Plans and lack of Appropriate Payment: To Powerful to Be Accountable. AHRQ and highly biased and flawed analysis by Chou et al: To Powerful to Be Accountable. Our Colleagues Honored for British Medical Association Medical Book of the Year. Neurological Complications Caused by "Skinny Jeans". Common Antibiotic Spurs Rare But Deadly Neurotoxicity. Suggested Response Provided for In-Flight Medical Emergencies. FDA Committees to Discuss Potential Dosing Error for New Oxycodone IR Formulation. Drug-Seeking Behavior Turns Deadly for Patient, Leads to Lawsuit for Provider. Without action, a shortage of doctors stands to get worse. An Esquire writer dressed like a physician for a day: Here's what he learned. ASIPP Call for Abstracts...

September 2, 2015

DPP-4 Inhibitors, Diabetes, and Joint Pain: Additional Labeling of Potential Adverse Event Risk. Opinion: Why ICD-10 Will Do More Bad Than Good. First State Adds Locking Devices to Rx Bottles to Deter Abuse, Misuse.What Are The Pros And Cons Of Treatments For Opioid Addiction? Psychological Features Impact Myofascial Paraspinous Pain Treatment. NSAIDs Linked to Long-Term Colon Cancer Risk Reduction. Which Reimbursement Path Will Doctors Favor Under Medicare'™s New Payment System?...

August 27, 2015

AHRQ Technology Assessment Moves to Publication in Annals of Internal Medicine: Lack of Scientific Integrity. Robust Medicare Advantage Competition Almost Nonexistent. Few Medicare ACOs Earned Bonuses in 2014. Death of Pill Mill Patient Focus of Doctor's Murder Trial. Jeremy Hunt: NHS Bosses Face Jail Over Links to Drug Firms. Three NY hospitals Included in $8M Fraud, Kickback Settlement. Spinal Injections of Steroids Temporarily Ease Low Back Pain. New Insight Into How Antidepressants Target Brain in Neuropathic Pain. How Stanford Plans to Save Physicians from Burnout. Inhaled Cannabis for Neuropathic Pain: Results From First-of-Kind Study. Opioids in Pregnancy: What Raises the Risk for Neonatal Abstinence?...

August 19, 2015

ASIPP 2016 Annual Meeting To Feature Key Note Speaker: Robert Laszewski. Pain Physician publishes 2 Systematic Reviews on Facet Joint Interventions. Major publisher retracts 64 scientific papers in fake peer review outbreak. Study fuels push for FDA e-cigarette regulation. Florida legislation aimed at opioid abuse tied to dip in prescriptions. White House Drug Policy Office Funds New Projects in High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas. FTC issues first-ever guidelines on unfair competition. FDA Approves OxyContin for Kids as Young as 11. Chronic Low Back Pain: Pregabalin Helps Reduce Pain and Sleep Interference. Man in NY poses as physician for 3 years before being caught... 

August 12, 2015

NIH: More than 1 in 10 American adults experience chronic pain. Is There A Link Between Chronic Pain And Obesity? Will CMS Proposed Stark Law Revisions Bring Doctors Relief? How the Aetna, Humana merger played out: SEC filing chronicles the drama. Why This Is The Hardest Of Times To Be A Physician In America. Is Methadone Linked To Initial QTc Prolongation In Chronic Pain? Pain Patients Say They Can't Get Meds After Illegal Rx Drug Crackdown...

August 5, 2015

Is Obamacare's Research Institute Worth The Billions? CEOs at Aetna, Anthem Help to Reshape Health-Insurance Industry. Cerner, Leidos and Accenture win massive Defense contract for EHR system. Drug Delivery of the Future Could Mean Better Adherence. Could Pharmacokinetics Play A Role In Addictive Risk With Drugs? FDA Warns Clinicians of Potentially Dangerous Prescribing Error. CMS Corrects Recent ICD-10 Guidance for Physicians. Two Narcotic Injectables No Longer Available. FDA: Hackers Could Go After Medical Devices. Moderate Drinking May Ease Disability from Chronic Pain. Phantom Med Schools Lurking in Medicare Data...

July 29, 2015

The Tragedy of the Implementation of ICD-10-CM as ICD-10: Is the Cart Before the Horse or is there a tragic paradox of misinformation and ignorance. Anthem grows Q2 profitability, preps for Cigna takeover. CMS projects higher healthcare spending growth through 2024. Health Insurer Merger Mania -- Muscle-Bound Competitors And A New Cold War In Health Care. Drug Delivery of the Future Could Mean Better Adherence. New Spinal Cord Stimulation Therapy Delivers Long-Term Relief For Chronic Back, Leg Pain. CMS updates 6 areas of infection prevention worksheet. Placebo Treatments Can Ease Pain. Physicians Stubbornly Work While Sick: HealthLeaders Media...

July 22, 2015

Rannazzisi, Deputy Assistant Administrator of DEA, to Speak at ASIPP Board Review and Controlled Substance Management Courses Joint Meeting in Chicago Sunday. Ask Congress to Postpone Implementation of ICD-10-CM. CMS Releases Proposed CY 2016 Medicare Physician Payment Rule. Labor Department Releases Guidance on Classification of Workers. CMS' Fraud Prevention System identifies $820M in improper Medicare payments. The myth of the vanishing medical practice. Meaningful use 'Catch-22' entangles surgery center doctor. FDA: Narcotic Painkiller No Longer Available. FDA Strengthens NSAID Warnings Regarding Heart Attack and Stroke Risk. Docs Flock to Free Photo App Figure 1...

July 15, 2015

Rannazzisi, Deputy Assistant Administrator of DEA, to Speak at ASIPP Board Review and Controlled Substance Management Courses Joint Meeting in Chicago Sunday. Ask Congress to Postpone Implementation of ICD-10-CM. Registration Open for September Cadaver Workshop in Memphis. CMS Releases Proposed CY 2016 Medicare Physician Payment Rule. Labor Department Releases Guidance on Classification of Workers. CMS' Fraud Prevention System identifies $820M in improper Medicare payments. The myth of the vanishing medical practice. Meaningful use 'Catch-22' entangles surgery center doctors. FDA: Narcotic Painkiller No Longer Available. FDA Strengthens NSAID Warnings Regarding Heart Attack and Stroke Risk. Docs Flock to Free Photo App Figure 1

July 8, 2015

Ask Congress to Postpone Implementation of ICD-10-CM. CMS Announces ICD-10 Grace Period: CMS will reimburse ICD-10 mistakes for one year after transition deadline. The Craziness of ICD-10. CMS Proposes Outpatient Payment Update A cut in outpatient payment rates as well as changes to conversion rates. Opinion: The Coming Shock in Health-Care Cost Increases. Study: Smokers, substance abusers more likely to get in trouble with painkillers; One in 4 Patients Prescribed Opioids Will Move to Long-Term Use. Should There Be a Dress Code for Doctors? How This Young Doctor's Twist On Venture Capital Could Revolutionize Healthcare Innovation. Researchers find key mechanism that causes neuropathic pain...

July 1, 2015

ASIPP Dispels the Misinformation on ICD-10-CM and Asks Congress to Postpone Implementation. SCOTUS Rules Subsidies Legal. Same-sex marriage ruling puts health benefits in spotlight. Supreme Court: EPA unreasonably interpreted the Clean Air Act. Court orders physician to dole out $500k for trash talking sedated patient. Imaging of Spine Disease: Look to MRI, says EULAR. Nurse Pleads Guilty to Taking Kickbacks From Drug Maker. Banned, but Bountiful: Marijuana Coveted by NFL Players as Invaluable Painkiller…

June 24, 2015

House Approves IPAB Repeal; Senate Prospects Uncertain. GAO calls for urgent action on government IT projects. America's Addiction to Opioids: Heroin and Prescription Drug Abuse. Cannabinoid Offers Modest Relief From Pain, Spasticity. Medical Device Tax Repeal Heads for Senate Showdown. Doctors charged in $700 million false billing takedown. ASIPP Sends Letter to Novitas Regarding CRNA Scope of Practice. Which State Raised the Smoking Age to 21? Stepwise Management of Opioid-Induced Constipation: A Focus on Targeted Interventions. Commonly Used Drugs May Increase Risk of Heat-Related Illness. Motion Sensor Biofeedback Improves Low Back Pain ...

June 17, 2015

ASIPP Sends Letter to Novitas Regarding CRNA Scope of Practice. Lab Nears Settlement Over Pricey Medicare Drug Tests. When Treating Pain Brings a Criminal Indictment. Doctors call for two-year grace period for ICD-10 implementation. Senators Told Health IT Needs Better Rules of the Road. Documents Reveal Secret Legal Battle Over Medicare Overbilling. Obama Wants to Pick the Clintons' Neighbors. Insurers Playing a Game of Thrones...

June 10, 2015

Small Group of Doctors Are Biggest Medicare Billers. Analysis: Two-thirds of Medicare recipients over 65 have multiple chronic conditions. Painkillers Resist Abuse, but Experts Still Worry. Pricey Drugs Prompt AMA to Ask FDA and FTC for Help. Congress considering bills to combat opioid addiction: 4 key points. The inside story of a doctor who quit over EHR upcoding. A primer on e-prescribing controlled substances. Are you ready for the June PQRS deadline? Don't believe the liberal spin. ObamaCare is sputtering. Why the Big Five Health Insurers May Soon Be the Big Three... 

June 3, 2015

Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) Repeal Bill Passes Ways and Means Committee. New Medicare data show what hospitals and physicians were paid. The Eye Popping 2016 Obamacare Rate Increases Are Out. Doctors are warned not to prescribe generic pregabalin for pain control. Customer-friendly Obamacare fixes: Column. Rethink 'repeal and replace': Column. The Columbia Journalism Review: "Why We Need Stronger Coverage of Covered California". Depression May Increase Risk of Low Back Pain. US out-of-pocket healthcare spending projected to reach $608B by 2019. Errors after ICD-10 Compliance Deadline Affect Reimbursement. Smokers Feel More Pain Study found even passive smokers have higher requirements... 

May 27, 2015

Article Addresses SGR: Good, Bad, Ugly. Article Addresses Challenges of IT. Doctors Among Dozens Held in Raids Against Illegal Sales of Prescription Drugs. Opioid Users at Greater Risk for Atrial Fibrillation. Could Trans-Pacific Partnership Place Drugs Out of Reach? Adding Opioids to Cannabis for Chronic Pain Won't Raise Substance Abuse Risk. Health Insurers Seek Hefty Rate Boosts Failure in Addiction Therapy Usually Seen Early. Many Parts to Solving Opioid Addiction Problem, Congress Told. What is flakka (aka gravel) and why is it more dangerous than cocaine?

May 20, 2015

The New Disease Classification (ICD-10): Doctors and Patients Will Pay. Prednisone Offers Modest Relief in Sciatica. Pain Physician Accepting Section Editor Nominations. Workout May Ease Pain in Women With Fibromyalgia. Feds still mulling changes to privacy rule for substance abuse records. Migraine, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Linked in Association Study. FDA: Smokeless Tobacco Warning Stays

May 13, 2015

Traumatized Nation of Nepal Struck Again: ASIPP Relief Fund Accepting Donations. 14 drugs Medicare spends $1 billion on. Abandoned Painkiller Makes a Comeback. Opioid Abuse Driving Hep C Spike. ICD-10 bill surfaces, calls for delay, more study of rollout disruptions. Medicaid Expansion Still a Tumultuous Fight in Some States...

May 6, 2015

ASIPP Relief Fund Accepting Donations for Nepal. Vicodin Top Medicare Drug in 2013. CMS Touts Pioneer ACO Results. Ketamine's Troubled Past, Promising Future. Bill Clinton gave 542 speeches between 2001 and 2013. He made $104.9 million. Docs Need Better Training to Treat Opioid Addiction, Congress Told. Electronic Health Records: First, Do No Harm? Chronic Pain Follows Adverse Life Events. FDA Wants Data to Support Antiseptic Claims. Emergency department opioid prescribing…

April 29, 2015

ASIPP Relief Fund Accepting Donations for Nepal. Five Years Later: Obamacare's Dim Prospects. Is This 'Meaningful Use'? Docs Say Yes, Patients Unsure. PQRS participation increases, but nearly 470k will be penalized. Adenosine Receptor May Help 'Turn Off' Pain. An End to Employer-Provided Health Insurance? Have you Googled your ASC lately? Institute of Medicine to Become National Academy of Medicine…

April 22, 2015

Update of FDA Steroid Saga. $1 billion in Federal Tax Dollars and a One Star Rating on Yelp--Quite an Expose--Behind the Scenes at Covered California. Congress Repeals Sustainable Growth Rate Formula and Advances Medicare Payment for Quality. Record-breaking HIPAA violation penalties likely this year. USPSTF Stays the Course With 2-Year Breast Cancer Screening. Abuse-Deterrent Formulations Put Dent in Opioid ODs. HHS touts $316B in Medicare savings. Indiana Governor Extends Public Health Emergency To Fight HIV Outbreak…

April 15, 2015

Senate Passes Historic SGR Repeal Bill By Vote of 92-8. ASIPP 17th Annual Meeting a Tremendous Success. Interventional Pain Management Faces Major Challenges. CMS finalizes 2016 Medicare Advantage payment rates: 10 things to know. Study: Acetaminophen reduces not only pain, but pleasure, too. New Meaning for Meaningful Use? Following Premera Attack, Covered Entities Need to Discover Whether They're "Next" ICD-10: Physicians Remain Skeptical About Oct. 1 Start. Medical Schools Try To Reboot For 21st Century. Physician/Writer: Dual and Dueling Responsibilities…

April 8, 2015

Is Pain a Public Health Crisis? Federal advisory group wants to frame chronic pain as public health problem. FDA Sports North Carolina Recall of Products by  Prescription Center Pharmacy. Obamacare 40% Cadillac Tax Hits No Frills Plans Too. Like Your Plan, Keep Your Plan? Medicare penalizes 330 large medical groups. Grow Your OON Revenue: 4 Tips For ASCs. HHS To Combat Prescription Opioid Drug Overdose Epidemic. Mariel Hemingway's Out Came the Sun. 90% Of Future Physicians Intend To Avoid Private Practice. Risk Factors Elucidated for Early Dose Escalation in Long-Term Opioid Therapy. Medtronic Is Headed For Strong 2015 - 8 Reasons Why. The Best & Worst States For Physicians To Practice…

April 1, 2015

Drs. Laxmaiah Manchikanti, Frank J.E. Falco: Safeguards to prevent neurologic complications after epidural steroid injections. Supreme Court: Providers Can't Sue Over Low Medicaid Rates. A Rational Cannabis Policy: The Pain Medicine News Report. OIG: Reducing HOPD reimbursement on ASC-approved procedures could save $15B over 5 years. A Medicare Bill Conservatives Need to Embrace. Senate Goes on Break Without Passing SGR Fix Lack of action condemned by medical groups. CDC Requests More $$ for Antibiotic Resistance, Opioid Abuse. The Birth and Increasingly Troubled Life of Medicare Fears of 'socialized medicine' swept aside, but cost concerns eventually overtake program. What Makes an Opioid Stronger or Weaker Than Morphine? CDC classification of stronger, weaker, and morphine-equivalent opioids is confusing…

March 25, 2015

UPDATE 2-Medicare doctor pay fix prospects brighten in Congress. Lots of 'ifs' in Bobby Jindal's health care budget plan, and that has some people nervous. Congress Pressures FDA to Finalize Opioid Guidance. Companion SGR bill unveiled, pays for repeal with steep levies on tax scofflaws. CDC study claims hospital-acquired MRSA infection declined 2005-2011. Are Doctors Ready to Have Their Professional Lives on Display? Revenue cycle hit by rise in high-deductible health plans…

March 18, 2015

What's ailing the "doc fix" Registration Now Open for July Board Review Course in Chicago. Physician Compensation Models Need Value-Based Reimbursement. Congress sparks hope for permanent physician payment fix. Abuse-Deterrent Opioids Prevent Users From Intensifying High. Aging Baby Boomers Bring Drug Habits Into Middle Age. D.C. Week: Medicare Announces New ACO Program. Don't sit down to use your tablet. Opinion: Why state Medicaid expansion hurts everyone…

March 11, 2015

New UK survey reveals low awareness of pain treatment options. Newly identified compounds in spider venom could help treat chronic pain. Senate Bill Would Increase Access to Medicare Claims Data. Blog: Will the "F Word" Save the ACA? 74% of physicians expect Congress to overturn PPACA. The Purpose (and Probability) of Mandating E-Prescribing. Who are the physician members of Congress? Primary Health Care and Public Health: Foundations of Universal Health Systems…

March 4, 2015

ASIPP 17th Annual Meeting - Survival Strategies for Interventional Pain Management. Registration Now Open for July Board Review Course in Chicago. Last Chance to Take Epidural Steroid Survey. Insurers Biggest Fear: A Health-Law Death Spiral. Doctors say data fees are blocking health reform. CMS Touts Success of ICD-10 End-to-End Testing. What the Supreme Court Challenge Means for the Health-Care Law. Republicans: "We Have a Plan For Fixing Health Care" If the Supreme Court Eliminates Subsidies in as Many as 37 States--It Won't Be So Simple…

February 25, 2015

ASIPP Announces Election Results. Last Chance to Take Epidural Steroid Survey. Permanent SGR 'Fix' Unlikely in Near Term - Get out the patch kit, it's SGR time again. Blog: What Money? Many Docs Haven't Visited the Open Payments Database. Obamacare and U.S. Supreme Court: Round 2. States Mull New Path for Interstate Licensure. Low Back Pain Triggers: Many Are Modifiable…

February 18, 2015

Study: Physicians wrongly blame high healthcare costs on patient demands. White House announces new cybersecurity agency. Right Staff, Right Time, Right Place. 5 takeaways from the House hearing on ICD-10. UC Davis researchers identify new compound that takes aim at neuropathic pain. Poorer Rx Response for Smokers With Spine Disease…

February 11, 2015

Time to Turn Up the Heat on PQRS. LegalRx: Healthcare as a Right in the Age of Obamacare. Dirty Clinical Trials Omit Violations Clinical trial researchers fail to report FDA-issued violations in their published reports. Google to Answer Burning Health Questions. Why providers should charge like hotels. Anthem Breach: Warnings, Lessons for Healthcare Organizations. Universities use Fitbit trackers to study spine surgery recovery time...

February 4, 2015

Obama to propose $3.99 trillion budget. The Vaccination Debate. FDA Approves New Formulation of Zohydro ER. Medical errors still a leading cause of death in America - 5 things to know. Medicare to Publish Physician-Payment Data Yearly. CMS Mulls Easing Meaningful Use Rules. Skipping Doses to Save $$$. 3 ways docs are tackling Rx drug use in 2015…

January 28, 2015

Obama Administration Announces Overhaul of Medicare Reimbursement - Tying Fees More Closely to Quality of Care Than Quantity. OIG Raps CMS Oversight of Compounded Drugs. HHS Researchers Debate Informed Consent Policy. NY Docs Press for E-Script Delay. Budget Office Slashes Estimated Cost of Health Coverage…

January 21, 2015

No Easing in Opioid Death Toll. Perils of Pot: Colorado Update.Unhealthiness of Sitting Not Offset by Exercise: Meta-Analysis. Physicians Under Pressure To Remain Independent. CMS Head Tavenner Resigns. Congress Sets SGR Reform as a Priority. Flu Shots 23% Effective; Antivirals in Demand. A 12-Hour Window for a Healthy Weight. Rethink "Repeal and Replace" and Consumer Friendly Obamacare Fixes - Two Op-Eds in USA Today... 

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January 14, 2015

90% of future physicians intend to avoid private practice. How voice dictation can ease ICD-10, meaningful use burdens. House Passes Mandate Bill. Is Physician Fear of ICD-10 Turning Them Off Preparation? Opinion: Skip Your Annual Physical . Obama's Cuban Strategy Unlikely to Ease U.S. Doc Shortage. How ObamaCare Harms Low-Income Workers. Medicaid expansion may contract. How to Look Smarter The Tactics People Use to Look Intelligent Often Backfire; Fancy Words Don’t…

January 7, 2015

Harvard Ideas on Health Care Hit Home, Hard. CMS Now Recognizes Interventional Cardiology. Dr. Devi Addresses Current Health Issues. As Docs Face Big Cuts In Medicaid Pay, Patients May Pay the Price. The Depression That Was Fixed by Doing Nothing. 90% of future physicians intend to avoid private practice. Gold standard sullied? Employees' deductibles balloon to 80%. Massachusett Docs Must Demonstrate EHR Proficiency. Multiple Pay Cuts Hit Doctors In 2015. Computer-generated vs. physician-recorded patient histories: Which is better?...

December 31, 2014

CDC: Flu at epidemic level; 15 children dead this season. FDA Launches Compounding Advisory Committee. Under-treating pain - Are physicians scared of addiction? The DEA? CMS announces new ICD-10 end-to-end testing opportunity for providers. 'Where Does It Hurt Most?' Is a Valid Diagnostic Question. Separating Spondyloarthritis From Back Pain Still Problematic. As Medicaid Rolls Swell, Cuts in Payments to Doctors Threaten Access to Care. Ebola Toll Passes 20,000 - Number is Probably an Underestimate of True Impact. FDA announces Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee members

December 17, 2014

Doctors prescribing most potent painkillers face scrutiny. 14 arrested in connection with deadly meningitis outbreak. Don't Homogenize Health Care. Senate Passes Budget Deal; No SGR Fix Included. Dr. Devi in the News. Docs, Guns, and Smokes. 50 of the most powerful people in healthcare | 2015. Medicare Overbilling Probes Run Into Political Pressure. Obamacare Co-Ops Cut Prices, Turn Up Heat on Rival Insurers. New Strength Available for Opioid Transdermal System. Small Businesses Drop Coverage as Health Law Offers Alternatives. The 20% Who Spread Most Disease…

December 10, 2014

Excessive use of opioids, abuse, and deaths continue to be the focus. Affordable Care Act in the News. Economic Growth Up. Dr. Cassidy, a friend of ASIPP, wins Louisiana Senate. Deal reached on $1.01 trillion spending bill. D.C Week: CMS Addresses Medicare Fraud, ACO Penalties. Obama: Racial problems won't be solved overnight. Why Everything You Think About Aging May Be Wrong. Professor Tribe Takes Obama to School. Do "welfare" recipients get $35,000 in benefits a year? New Medicare Rules Aim to Reduce Abuse...

December 3, 2014

Technology Squeeze Affects Families and Medicine. Affordable Care Act in the News. Glucosamine Study: No Help for Knee Pain. ACO Rules Would Delay Penalties an Extra 3 Years. CDC Approves New Ebola Treatment Centers. NSAID Effective for RA Symptoms, Celebrex Easier on Stomach. Questioning Medicine: The Vitamin D Craze.  In Search of a 'Safe Harbor'. 5 sites patients are using to rate your practice -- and why you should care. 8 latest healthcare industry lawsuits, settlements. Last Chance to Participate in Physician Survey on Epidural Steroid Injections…

November 26, 2014

Fate of Epidural Steroid Injections Hangs in the Balance: Drs. Manchikanti, Candido, and Others Testify in FDA Hearings Continue. Health Policy Article Addresses IT issues facing IPM Physicians. Health Policy Article Addresses Electronic Medical Record Police. Affordable Care Act in the News. Just a Few More Participants Needed for Physician Survey on Epidural Steroid Injections. How to Arrive at the Best Health Policies. Pricey Generics Draw Senate Scrutiny. Study Shows Opioid Agonist Therapy May Prevent Spread of Hepatitis C Among Young Injection Drug Users. Doctor-Shortage Projections Challenged. Lawmakers Look for Ways to Provide Relief for Rising Cost of Generic Drugs. FDA Approves New Extended-Release, Abuse-Resistant Hydrocodone Product. Wild 'n Crazy Workflow…

November 19, 2014

Register Now Open for ASIPP's 17th Annual Meeting. Affordable Care Act in the News. Just a Few More Participants Needed for Physician Survey on Epidural Steroid Injections. More Evidence Arthritis, Pain Relieving Drugs May Contribute to Stroke Death. OA Outcomes Improved With Physical Therapy. Is your office in compliance with the HIPAA Omnibus Rule? SAMHSA Updates Opioid Overdose Toolkit To Include Naloxone Recommendations. Novel National Registry Measures Lumbar Surgery Effectiveness. Fed Up! Coalition Sends Letter to DHS Venting Frustration about Opioid Epidemic. Honing check-ins with facial recognition software…


November 12, 2014

FDA Meeting on Epidural Steroid Use set for Nov. 24. Affordable Care Act in the News. Take a Moment to Participate in Physician Survey on Epidural Steroid Injections. Obama's call for an open Internet puts him at odds with regulators. Trevi Therapeutics gets $26M for opioid anti-itch drug. Doctors Cash in on Drug Tests for Seniors, and Medicare Pays the Bill. CMS Releases Physicians Fee Schedule for all Services. Dr. Devi Interviews on Various Medical Issues. What to expect from the lame duck Congress. Call for Abstracts! Make Plans Today to Participate in 17th Annual Meeting Abstract Session…


November 5, 2014

GOP Senate Win Opens Door to Deals. 2014 Midterm Elections: Overview of Results and Potential Legislative Action. CMS Releases Physicians Fee Schedule for all Services. Pain Specialists Show Increasing Rates of Burnout. Take a Moment to Participate in Physician Survey on Epidural Steroid Injections. U.S. Physician Leaders Suffer Loss of Public Trust. Sustainable Growth Rate: Reduction in Physician Reimbursement Rate. Physicians Reveal Best and Worst Insurance Companies to do Business With. ASIPP Resident/Fellow Governing Counseling Seeking Officer Nominations. FDA Hearing Yields Little Consensus on Abuse-Deterrent Opioids. Busted: 6 physicians facing jail time. 76% of Physicians Don't Like CMS Quality Reporting Programs. Health Insurers "Expect at Least 20% Growth" From 2015 Enrollment. Prescription Opioids Involved in Most Overdoses Seen in Emergency Departments. New technique to switch off pain at source…


October 29, 2014

FDA Meeting on Epidural Steroid Use and How You Can Get Involved. Take a Moment to Participate in Physician Survey on Epidural Steroid Injections. Resident/Fellow Governing Counseling Seeking Officer Nominations. How Medicare "Self-Referral" Thrives on Loophole. Efficacy and Safety of Oral Oxycodone Comparable to Oral Morphine for Postoperative Pain. Doctors Tell All-and It's Bad. E-Patients: Passing Fad or Bona Fide Movement? Wait Times for Spinal Cord Stimulation: Current Outlook. Assured Brand Naproxen Sodium Tablets by Contract Packaging Resources, Inc.: Recall - Packaging Mix-Up. White House working on new Ebola guidelines. Want to Fix the Doc-Fix Experiment? Insider-Trading Probe Focuses on Medicare Agency...


October 22, 2014

FDA Meeting on Epidural Steroid Use and How You Can Get Involved. Pain Physician journal receives Impact Factor of 4.766. Companies Try to Escape Health Law's Penalties. A recent poll shows that most doctors give Obamacare low grades - but should this influence voters evaluation of the program? New doctors site rates for experience, quality. Blog: Figures Don't Lie But Liars Figure--Will There Be Some Obamacare Rate Shock in 2015? Ebola: CDC Tightens Protection Rules. Dr. Devi Asked to Speak on Ebola Issue with Various Media Outlets. FDA approves labeling with abuse-deterrent features for third extended-release opioid analgesic. The Promise and Peril of ACOs. Data quality killed my analytics program. CMS extends ACO fraud and abuse waivers. CCI 4th Quarter Updates Now Available…

October 15, 2014

FDA Schedules Public Hearing on Epidural Steroids on Nov. 24-25: ASIPP Files Citizen Petition with FDA Regarding Safety Warning. ASIPP Resident/Fellow Governing Counseling Seeking Officer Nominations. CCI 4th Quarter Updates Now Available. Smile and Say Price-Fixing. Medicaid Backlogs Could Worsen as Health-Law Sign-Ups Resume. Common Painkillers Combined With Other Drugs Increase Risk of GI Bleeding. The Most Transparent Administration Puts a Gag Order on HealthCare.gov Testing. Teva announces initiation of new drug application and positive results from second human abuse liability study for CEP-33237. My journey to Bemidji: Doctors views of EHRs, regulatory burdens. Friday Feedback: Rehabilitate the HER. WHO Says Ebola Outbreak is Killing 70% of People Who Contract Disease. Ebola Brings HIPAA to the Forefront. Painkiller deaths drop for first time since 1999…

October 8, 2014

Congressional Support Flooding in for ASIPP's Stance Against Epidural Cuts. FDA Schedules Public Hearing on Epidural Steroids on Nov. 24. ASIPP Files Citizen Petition with FDA Regarding Safety Warning. Conflicting Opioid Guidelines Released by Government and Non-Government Organizations. ASIPP Launches Career Center to Connect Job Seekers and Employers in Interventional Pain Management. ICD-10 Preparation Webinar Set for Nov. 4. One Year Later: The Affordable Care Act's Launch on October 1, 2013--So How Did it Go? Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. announced the launch of STAT Initiative. Heroin Deaths Still Rising, CDC Says. Loud, Startling Noises May Lead to Knee Injuries. Wal-Mart to End Health Insurance for Some Part-Time Employees. Sunshine Act Database Debuts to Skepticism…

October 1, 2014

ASIPP Launches Career Center to Connect Job Seekers and Employers in Interventional Pain Management. Abstract Submission for Annual Meeting Poster Presentations Now Open. WebMD Has Received $13.9M to Promote Obamacare. Will an 'App' Replace the 'Doc'? Docs leery of sharing risk with payers in value-based reimbursement. In Practice: Clearing the Inbox. Prices for Physician-Dispensed Drugs in Georgia Fell After Reforms, But Still Higher Than Pharmacies. AAN Warns Against Opioids in Chronic Noncancer Pain. When the white coat comes off: Realities retiring physicians face…

September 24, 2014

Obama Administration Says 7.3 Million Who Picked Health Plans on Exchanges Have Paid Premiums. AMA Urges Overhaul of Electronic Medical Records. Doctors: Skeptical About Health Law, Optimistic About Future of Medicine. Hillary to TCT: Fee-for-Service Days Are Numbered. Gynecologists Resist FDA Over Popular Surgical Tool. Young Physicians OK With Obamacare While Older Doctors Bristle. Hospitals Cut Costs by Getting Doctors to Stick to Guidelines. One Insurer Holds Obamacare Fate in Two States…

September 17, 2014

ASIPP Files Petition to Appeal FDA Warning. Physician Payment Schedule: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back - Bundling Issue Continues to Dog CMS and IPM. Consumer Reports Issues Special Report: The dangers of painkillers. NCHS Issues Data Brief on Drug Poisoning Deaths Involving Opioids. Some Cancer Experts See 'Overdiagnosis,' Question Emphasis on Early Detection. Health Law's Election Impact Is Dimming. Hillary to TCT: Fee-for-Service Days Are Numbered. AstraZeneca and Nektar win FDA OK for blockbuster-hopeful constipation drug…


September 10, 2014

Reversal of Epidural Cuts In 2015 Physician Payment Schedule: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back - The Struggle Continues. How do physicians describe their political activity? Sad State of Affairs. ICD-10 transition could complicate adverse event reporting, says study. HealthCare.gov hacked, but no consumer information compromised. Consumers may soon find a surprise in their mailbox: a notice that their health plan is being canceled. The Next Chapter of Obamacare. Apple's Next Big Focus: Your Health. Six-Figure Incomes-and Facing Financial Ruin. Expand Medicaid -- but Carefully, States Told. With Health-Law Marketplaces Reopening, Insurers Brace for Round Two. ESC: Guidelines Offer Recipe for Ripe Old Age. 5 ways you pay more for health insurance…

September 3, 2014

Reversal of Epidural Cuts In 2015 Physician Payment Schedule: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back - The Struggle Continues. RA: Publication Bias Alive and Well. Why Doctors Are Sick of Their Profession. Pain Physician To Publish Letters to the Editor on Important Issues: From Editor-In-Chief Alan D. Kaye, MD, PhD. CMS Shuts Down Sunshine Act Database – Again. More Data to Be Kept from Doc Payments Database. MOC Watch: CRNA Version Raises Hackles. Firm Date for ICD-10 Switch Still Not Raising Urgency. States To Help Pay Obamacare Tax on Insurers. Surgery No Help for Mild Knee OA. Study Questions Surveillance Colonoscopy…

August 27, 2014

Pain Physician To Publish Letters to the Editor on Important Issues: From Editor-In-Chief Alan D. Kaye, MD, PHD. Time is Running Out! It's Time to Send your Comment Letters Today. New Rules For Hydrocodone. Increase E-Cig Regulation, Says AHA. Employers not ditching employee health plans for private exchanges. Medicaid payouts for office visits may influence cancer screening: study...

August 20, 2014

What are you Waiting for? It's Time to Send your Comment Letters Today. EHR adoption outpaces HIE, patient engagement. EHRs not fulfilling promise of improved healthcare delivery. Doctor's Photo Archive Sets Stage for Cable Series. Wanted: More Doctors for Old PeopleHow Agents Hunt for Fraud in Trove of Medicare Data. The Real Reason We Yawn. Doctors' Spouses: What's Not to Like?

August 13, 2014

WHO Ethics Panel Affirms Use of Experimental Ebola Drugs. Feds' $10 Billion Search For Healthcare's Next Big Ideas. EHRs may make patients leery about sharing information, study finds. EHR template customization contributes to MU2 interoperability issues, vendors say. Many hospitals, clinics, not prepared for IT risks. Weak password and security guidelines put patient health records at risk. Ain't No Sunshine in This Act. Special report: The dangers of painkillers. Negotiating hospital contracts: What physicians need to know before signing. How to survive in independent practice. Hospital facility fees: Why cost may give independent physicians an edge. Restrictive covenants in physician agreements: What you need to know...

August 6, 2014

What are You Waiting for? It's Time to Send your Comment Letters Today. Most States Let Medicaid Doc Pay Hikes Lapse. Average California Obamacare Rate Increase Only 4%--Success!!! Report Touches Off Fight Over Doc Training $$. Survey: 1 In 5 Uninsured Don't Want Coverage. HHS chisels ICD-10 compliance date in stone. In Treatment, There Can Be Too Much of a Good Thing. Hospitals Cash In on the Newly Insured. A Patients' Group Scores a Win in Muscular Dystrophy Drug Research. Do We Know What We See? Divide between red and blue states over healthcare deepens...

July 30, 2014

Time to Take the Gloves Off - Send your Comment Letters Today; Acetaminophen Fails in Back Pain Trial; Doctors Feel Pressure to Accept Risk-based Reimbursement; Medicare Pressed to Bargain on Drug Costs; Compromise Reached on Vets' Healthcare; IOM Wants Big Change in Doc Training; Medicare solvent through 2030...

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July 23, 2014

Time to Take the Gloves Off - Send your Comment Letters Today; Appeals Courts Differon Obamacare; Supreme Court Case Likely: Upholding ObamaCare-as Written: FDA Issues Informed Consent Guidance; Doctors Upset Over Skill Reviews; Cost debate slows VA Reform bill: Scientific journal retracts 60 papers linked to fraudulent peer-review ring...

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July 16, 2014
Time to Take the Gloves Off - Send your Comment Letters Today. Now is the Time to Prepare for Board Examinations. Room Block Discount for August Cadaver Workshop in Vegas Ends Next Week. Opioid Deaths Highest in Younger Patients. Analysis: Redefining value in physician payment. Food capsules 'could combat Britain's obesity crisis'. Schedules of Controlled Substances: Placement of Tramadol Into Schedule IV. Assistant Physician: A Half-Baked Idea? America's Smokers: Still 40 Million Strong. CBO Sees Medicare's Financial Picture Improving.
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July 9, 2014

Reversal of Epidural Cuts: Two Steps Forward - One Step Backwards. ASIPP plans cadaver workshop with basic and intermediate techniques, along with percutaneous disc decompression and vertebral augmentation and ultrasound for nonspinal interventions in Vegas. Urine Drug Screen Testing Webinar Set for July 15. White House Ramps Up Opioid Offense. NHS 'defies the law' to deny pensioners vital operations, warns Royal College of Surgeons. When the Doctor Knows Best. Paper or Power: Nothing Cut and Dried About Hand Washing in Restrooms. Sign-Ups Not the Only Way to Gauge Health Law's Success. As Jobs Surge, Hurdles Linger. New York Healthcare Premiums Are About To Explode. Stay Informed: Articles published on Interventional Techniques this Yea in Other Journal. Now is the Time to Prepare for Board Examinations. VA whistleblowers to detail retribution. Survey finds that 15% of returning soldiers use opioids 


July 2, 2014

CDC: Opioid painkiller prescribing varies widely among states. Stay Informed: Articles published on Interventional Techniques this Year. ASIPP plans cadaver workshop with basic and intermediate techniques, along with percutaneous disc decompression and vertebral augmentation and ultrasound for nonspinal interventions in Vegas. Urine Drug Screen Testing Webinar Set for July 15. Supreme Court Rejects Contraceptives Mandate for Some Corporations Justices Rule in Favor of Hobby Lobby. OIG: Laboratory Payments to Referring Physicians May Violate Anti-Kickback Statute. Public confidence in Supreme Court at historic low, poll suggests. Supreme Court Narrows President's Recess-Appointment Powers. Is GoogleFit's goal to make doctor visits obsolete? Giant EHR-based network will compare treatments. EHR documentation: Avoid note cloning and up-coding.


June 25, 2014

ASIPP Receives Vindication with Painful Disclosures of Conflicts of Interest Concerning Institute of Medicine. ASIPP plans cadaver workshop with basic and intermediate techniques, along with percutaneous disc decompression and vertebral augmentation and ultrasound for nonspinal interventions in Vegas. Obamacare: What About the Working Class and the Middle Class? Kaiser Family Foundation Survey Finds Most People Who Bought Health Insurance on the Exchanges Are Happy With It and That 57% Were Previously Insured--No One Should Be Surprised On Either Count. Urine Drug Screen Testing Webinar Set for July 15. The Politics of Pain: Running a Tab in Congress. Tom Coburn report details VA problems. Sick Drawn to New Coverage in Health-Law Plans. Easier Cleaning Without Chemicals. How Bad Sitting Posture at Work Leads to Bad Standing Posture All the Time. Seasonal Allergy Symptoms Can Significantly Impair Driving Ability.


June 18, 2014

Returning by Popular Demand! ASIPP Plans Cadavar Workshop and Ultrasound for Non-Spinal Interventions in Vegas. For the U.S., a Disappointing World. Economists Debate: Has All the Important Stuff Already Been Invented? Clinton Finds Hurdles on Book Tour. Medical Merger Part of 'Tax Inversion' Wave. 20 Highest Hospital Payments for Physician Services. New Ways to Screen for Colon Cancer. Narrow networks reemerge under ACA exchange plans. Patients Struggle to Learn Health Insurance Lingo. Is There an Rx for High Drug Prices? Action Points. ASIPP Now Offers Animations to Enhance Your Communication and Marketing Needs. This Country Has the Best Health Care in the World (Nope, It's Not the U.S.). AMA adopts new telemedicine reimbursement policy

June 11, 2014

Potential Dangers of Marijuana Use. Burwell Confirmed as HHS Secretary. Registration Begins for Physicians to Review Sunshine Act Data. Medicare gives primary care permission to increase hepatitis C testing. Apple's HealthKit: What physicians need to know. More patients flocking to ERs under Obamacare. Significant Medicare coding errors signal need for physician education, OIG says. ICD-10 may financially disrupt primary care, pediatric practices, study finds. Hospitals' Prices for Common Services on the Rise. Drug Treatment Swept Up in Push for Medical-Records Sharing. Taxpayers Face Big Medicare Tab for Unusual Doctor Billings. AMA Asks Obama to Cover Vets Outside VA. ASIPP Now Offers Animations to Enhance Your Communication and Marketing Needs. A Vegas Gamble: Doctor Builds a New Kind of Clinic in the Desert.

June 4, 2014

Are Epidural Injections Efficacious and Safe? An Important Message from the ASIPP Board of Directors. We successfully challenged the Constitutionality of Washington's Health Technology Clinical Committee. Healthcare and pharma cyber security rated worst in S&P 500. Data discrepancies in health sign-ups. Healthcare data breaches decline, but ACA could be increasing risks. 'Vaporizers' are the new draw in E-Cigarettes. FDA E-Cig complaints pile up. Medicare frequently overpays Doctors for patients' visits. ASIPP now offers animations to enhance your communication and marketing needs. Study finds nearly 29% of world population is overweight or obese. Efforts to curb college costs face resistance.

May 28, 2014

Doctors split on Zohydro, a longer-lasting painkiller. When physicians' careers suffer because they refuse to prescribe narcotics. How GOP's health-law attacks are evolving. VA approves plan allowing more vets to access private care. Insurers push to rein in spending on cancer care. Some Democrats talking up health law on stump. Court deals setback to hospital 340B drug discounts. ASIPP now offers animations to enhance your communication and marketing needs.

May 21, 2014

Most employers could shift healthcare coverage to exchanges by 2020, report says. CMS proposes stretching Stage 1 in EHR incentive program. Bundled payments could cut Medicare fraud, experts say. Health insurance coverage now costs $23,215 for a typical family. Too much exercise may be harmful to your health. FDA finds Pradaxa linked to lower stroke, brain hemorrhage risk. ASIPP now offers animations to enhance your communication and marketing needs.

May 14, 2014

Dr. Devi: FDA e-cig complaints pile up. ASIPP Keynote Speaker Ben Sasse Wins Nebraska GOP Senate Primary. New England Journal of Medicine Takes on Topic of Health Care Reform. Medicare should not cover lung-cancer screening for smokers, CMS panel concludes. WHO calls on governments to do more to prevent alcohol-related deaths and diseases. Medicare Pays Billions for 'Low-Value Care'. ACA Cost-Sharing Could Limit Rx Access: PhRMA. Utilize your EHR system to boost practice revenue. When Hospitals Buy Practices, Insurers, Patients Pay the Piper. High deductible plans: Balancing out-of-pocket costs and outcomes. Physicians caught in politics of ACA enrollment data.

May 7, 2014

Spinal & Non-Spinal Interventional Techniques Offered Just One Time This Year: June 20-21. Register Today for ASIPP Practice Management Webinar May 13. Small Businesses Find Benefits, Costs as They Navigate Affordable Care Act. E-Cig Makers Breathe Easier After FDA Proposes Rules. Obamacare Ratings Steady Despite Busy Month - WSJ/NBC Poll. Patients' Eye Color a Clue to Pain Tolerance. ER Docs Still Rx Opioids for Migraine. Pain Med Docs More Prone to Burnout. BMI Predicts Neck Pain After Car Crash

April 30, 2014
Spinal & Non-Spinal Interventional Techniques meeting offered just one time this year June 20-21. ASIPP Practice Management Webinar May 13. FDA orders new warning for Epidural Steroids. ASIPP response to FDA warning. Polls try to gauge the Health Law's effects on midterm elections. Medical debts up, Docs get tougher about payments. Health Plans scramble to figure 2015 rates. Medicare patients are first casualty in emerging healthcare revenue battles.
April 23, 2014
Senator John Boozman sufffers aortic aneurysm. Casual marijuana use linked to brain abnormalities. ASIPP Practice Management webinar May 13. Obamacare observations from the marketplace. FDA panel snubs morphine-oxycodone combo. When spine implants cause paralysis, who is blame? New painkiller rekindles addiction concerns. Warding off fraud suits after CMS physician payment revelations. FDA proposes program to speed approval of medical devices.
April 16, 2014
A reprieve from draconian cuts for 2015: but devastating cuts in 2014 not yet reversed: the struggle for IPM continues. Dr. Kenneth Candido named RUC rep for ASIPP. Help us keep the ASIPP seat on the AMA HOD: Join and/or renew your AMA membership. Spinal & Non-spinal Interventional Techniques offered just one time this year (June 20-21). ASIPP to hold Practice Management webinar May 13. How being a Doctor became the most miserable profession. Surge in Narcotic Prescriptions for pregnant women. How Morcellators simplified the Hysterectomy but posed a hidden cancer risk. ACP keynote: Physicians must engage on healthcare costs to strengthen relationships with patients. New state laws aim to clear up patient confusion. DIY Opioid antidote gets fast FDA approval. Meaningful use exemption added as EHR program moves forward. Free HIPAA risk assessment tool can help ensure compliance. Creating a better healthcare system: Experts explore options. Sebelius announces resignation amidst ACA, ICD-10 and SGR challenges. Who is Sylvia Burwell, HHS Secretary Sebelius's expected replacement? Labor split boosts Ohio Governor. Two new studies raise red flages on Obamacare. Doctor-pay trove shows limits of Medicare billing data. Poll: Health law's campaign clout bad news for Democrats. AMA: Docs add $1.6 trillion to economy.
April 9, 2014
Help us keep the ASIPP seat on the AMA HOD. ASIPP annual meeting most successful in history. Dr. Kenneth Candido named RUC rep for ASIPP. ASIPP announces new Board. Spinal and Non-spinal Interventional techniques meeting offered one time this year in June. Practice Management webinar May 13 presented by Gary Janko. NY law lets NPs practice without supervising doctor. Which medical specialties cost Medicare the most? More doubts about mammograms' value are raised in large study. Healthcare law, economy boosts ranks of insured. Small slice of doctors account for big chunk of Medicare costs. Doctor's office as union shop. OIG study. Sudden hospital closure stuns MA community. For hospital CFOs, ICD-10 delay a costly disappointment. CMS to release physician payment data.
April 2, 2014
Spinal & Non-Spinal interventional techniques offered just one time this year. Senate approves 'Doc Fix', ICD-10 delay. Poll: Dems rally behind ObamaCare. Retirement and healthcare: Concerns are off the charts. Was Obamacare worth it? How of the previously uninsured have really signed up? The Obamacare report card. Health-Law sign-ups top six million, White House says. AMA issues new salvo on ACA's 90-day premium grace period. Following the money: Gold in ivory towers. Better quality sleep promotes daytime physical activity in patients with chronic pain? A multilevel analysis of the within-person relationship.
March 26, 2014
2014 Annual Meeting. Spinal and Non-Spinal Techniques meeting. One thing could save ObamaCare--Obama Administration needs to do it next month. Low Back Pain. WellPoint sees double-digit rise. Physician leaders disapprove of lawmakers' decision to link Medicare Payment Reform to Delay in ACA Mandate. Obamacare Bill to repeal SGRe's broken promis and how doctors and patients can fight back. CBO would cost $180B over 10 years. Ten states are critical to ACA's 6 million goal. Order Pain-Wise.
March 19, 2014
2014 Annual Meeting. Individual Mandate. Zohydro Ban. ICD-10. Medical conspiracy. Obama's Healthcare. Spike in Opioid. Pain-Wise. State Societies. Physicians Wanted.
March 12, 2014
2014 Annual Meeting. Doctor payments on decline. Non-doctors writing millions of Painkiller Rxs. FDA approves headband device for migraine. Docs Unprepared for payment reform. FDA Opioid rulings slammed. Zohydro dangers. Underinsured buying coverage under Health Law is rising. Reimbursement provisions in FY15 budget: $400 billion in cuts.
March 5, 2014
2014 Annual Meeting.Payers probe ways to help curb risky prescribing. ASIPP-TV24. Benzo 'Boost' can be deadly. Killing Pain: script by script. Shumer to HHS: Ditch Zohydro. Pregnant Women on Opioids. CMS launches ICD-10 website. Repealing SGR.
February 26, 2014
Saga of draconian cuts continues. IPM in perfect storm. Health Care Law has impact on bottom lines. CMS Report: 65% of small businesses will pay higher premiums due to ACA. CMS proposes 1.9% cut in Medicare Advantage pay. Drug Testing company to pay $5 million civil money penalty settlement. ASIPP-TV24. ICD-10 Follies: Sucked iinto jet engine. Comparative Studies: No informed consent needed?
February 19, 2014


    CBO Report: Minimum wage hike could cost 500,000 jobs. Reimbursement changes for CPT code 76942. AMA calls for ICD-10 delay. ICD-10 to cost physician practices more than $200k. 'Doc Fix'. Ratings a factor when choosing physician.





February 12

Do Epidural Injections Provide Short and Long-term Relief for Lumbar Disc Herniation? ; Saga of Draconian Cuts Continues--ASIPP Member Update on 2014 Cuts; Finally reasonable LCDs being proposed; Read more…

February 5

$1 million mistake: Becoming a doctor; Bipartisan Legislation Could Finally Fix Medicare Reimbursement Formula; FDA: Use Sicker Patients in Clinical Trials; Read more…

January 29

Draconian cuts: Physicians and patients send more than 62,000 letters to the Hill: Congress responds with overwhelming support; ASIPP Sends more than 62,000 Letters to the Hill; Cancer painkiller mixed with heroin blamed for 22 Pennsylvania deaths; Read more…

January 22

Comment Period of Draconian Cuts is Ending: Only a Few More Days- Act Now or Never; To Understand Onerous Regulations and Avert Them in Your Practices -- Attend ASIPP Annual Meeting; When Pain Therapies Fail; Read more…

January 15

Draconian Cuts Continue with Physician Work Valued at $40 for Cervical and Lumbar Epidural Injections; Pay and Practice: Health Sector Loses Jobs, First Time in Decade; 50 Years Later, LBJ's 'War On Poverty' Has Proven A Total Failure; Read more…

January 8

6 Things Docs Should Know About the ACA; Putting the Uninsured on Medicaid Doesn't Cut ER Visits; Pay and Practice: Key Healthcare Dates for 2014; Costs to manage pain will go up under Obamacare; read more…

December 31 Happy New Year! As the New Year rings in, we would like to forget all our problems replacing them with tons of hope, peace, and success in every sphere. Read more...
December 18

Obamacare Week 10--A Dearth of Enrollment In the States and Continuing Backroom Problems; Contrast Agent May Distort Some MRIs; FDA Greenlights Magnetic Device for Migraine; Read more…

December 11

Three-Month Doc Fix Could be Added to Budget Deal; Killing Pain: AGs Want FDA to Review Zohydro Approval;  Task Force: Ban Drug Reps From 'Ivory Towers'; Read more…

December 11 Breaking News: BCBS Reverses Non-Coverage Decsion on Cervical Epidurals
December 4

Doctors Keep it Simple, Ditch Insurance; Why Family Dinners Won't Stop Drug Abuse; Use Registered Compounders, FDA Says; Blog : Pay and Practice: ACA Policy Fix a Toss-Up Among States; Read more…

November 27 "If You Like Your Doctor You Will Be Able to Keep Your Doctor. Period"; Insurers cut doctors' fees in new health plans; Split Over Health-Law Change; The Biggest Mistake Doctors Make; Read more...
November 20

NEJM Article Addresses Debt to Income Ration for Medical Community; Ponnuru and Levin: A Conservative Alternative to ObamaCare; Pro-Democratic super PACs outspend conservatives; Scams sprout with rollout of Obamacare; Read more…

November 13

AHRQ National Guidelines Clearinghouse Posts ASIPP Guidelines; FDA Drug Safety Communication: Updated recommendations to decrease risk of spinal column bleeding and paralysis in patients on low molecular weight heparins; CMS Reconsiders 'End-to-End' ICD-10 Testing; Read more…

November 6

FDA Issues Plan to Prevent Drug Shortages; With Rise of Painkiller Abuse, A closer Look at Heroin; Johnson & Johnson to Pay $2.2 Billion to Settle U.S. Probes; read more…

October 30

FDA Recommends New Limits on Pain Drugs; Mitigating the Financial Risks of ICD-10; FDA OKs Drug Without Anti-Abuse Protection; Pay and Practice: Obama’s ACA Promise Panned; read more…

October 23

Sebelius Faces a Firestorm over Health Care Exchanges; Judge Allows Suit Challenging Health-Law Subsidies; CMS: New Procedure for Spinal Stenosis Patients Won't Be Reimbursed; read more…

October 16

Opinion: The business of substance abuse ; How the Physician Payment Sunshine Act Could Affect Practice Revenue; Healthcare.gov Is on Track to Miss Its Enrollment Deadlines; Crisis: Patients not taking their medications; read more…

October 9

Spotlight Case: The Pains of Chronic Opioid Usage; Why Does Chronic Pain Hurt Some People More?; Beyond Obamacare glitches, some consumers face dramatically higher rates; read more…

October 2 Federal shutdown begins; health programs impacted; Muted Rollout for Much-Changed Health-Care Law; Health Law Hits Late Snags as Rollout Approaches; read more…
September 25

'Family glitch' in health law could be painful; FDA OKs Clearer Patch ID for Fentanyl: Health-Law Implementation to Vary by State; read more…

September 18

Health Law Faces Skepticism; 4 Ways Obamacare Insurance Exchanges Could Change Health Care; Public Often Clueless about Medicare; U.S. Faces Long-Term Care Crisis, Report Says; read more…

September 11

Spotlight Case: The Pains of Chronic Opioid Usage; FDA Tightens Opioid Labeling; IBM to Move Retirees off Health Plan; No Standard Pay for Doc Services; read more…

September 4

More Employers Overhaul Health Benefits; Medicare Rates Continue to Fall Behind Practice Expenses; 42% of Physician Leaders Think Medicare Should Publish Individual Physician Payment Data; read more…

August 28

Doctors Face New Scrutiny over Gifts; CVS Cracks Down on Prescription Drug Abuse; NPs, PAs Trending Away from Primary Care; Nursing Homes' Drug Use Falls; read more…

August 21 Today's ObamaCare Triump: UPS Drops Coverage for 15,000 Spouses; Public Citizen: Malpractice payouts hit record lows; AHRQ Names Kronick as New Director; read more…
August 14

Harvard Health Policy Review Publishes ACA Article; Voluntary recall for another compounding facility; Anti-oxidants offer great potential as a treatment for neuropathic pain; read more…

August 7

Comment Posted on Epidural Corticosteroid Injection article in Annals of Internal Medicine; Hospital Layoffs on the Rise: 4 Best Practices for Hospitals Facing the Last Resort; Berwick: Zapping Overtreatment, Costs Takes 'Courage'; read more…

July 31

Editorial: When doctors set their own pay: Our view AND AMA: Medicare gains from physicians' advice; Influential Federal Panel Backs CT Scans for Lung Cancer; More Doctors Steer Clear of Medicare; read more…

July 24

How a Secretive Panel Uses Data that Distorts Doctors' Pay; AMA Responds to Washington Post; Why Medicare is Crummy Business Partner; SGR Repeal Bill Gains Broad Support; read more…

July 17

Space Still Available for Pain & Addiction Management Course; Inflammation Tied to Fracture; EHRs Have Mixed Effect on Health Costs; read more…

July 10 Proposed Policy and Payment Changes to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for Calendar Year 2014; Choice More Common in Medicaid Plans; read more…
July 3

Fifty-Five Hospitals to Pay U.S. More Than $34 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations Related to Kyphoplasty; Health-Insurance Costs Set for a Jolt; WellPoint Helps Cut Employers' Health Cost; read more…

June 26 Pain Physician Names Dr. Alan Kaye Deputy Editor in Chief; Some Unemployed Keep Losing Ground; Needs Likely to Be Great When Uninsured Get Medicaid; Profiting from Pain; read more…
June 19

ASIPP has partnered with Henry Schein GPO - Join Today; Physician Pay Will Soon Depend on Outcomes Obamacare? We were just leaving; Preparedness for ICD-10 Staggering; read more…

June 12

ASIPP has Partnered with Henry Schein GPO - Join Today; Poll Finds Support Slumping for Health Law Employers Get Ready! NEW Notice Requirement under the Affordable Care Act; read more…

June 5

Pain Physician Names Dr. Joshua A. Hirsch New Editor in Chief; House Passes 'Track and Trace' Drug Bill; No Link Found Between ADHD Drugs, Future Substance Abuse; read more…

May 29

ASIPP 2013 Board of Directors Election Results; ASIPP to Partner with Henry Schein GPO; Pain Pill Shortage Drives Fla. Drug Addicts to Heroin; House GOPs Still Oppose Compounding Bill; read more

May 22

ASIPP to Partner with Henry Schein GPO; Tavenner Confirmed as Medicare Chief; First ACA Physician Shield Becomes Law; read more…

May 15

ASIPP Announces the Passing of Pain Physician Editor in Chief, Dr. Howard S. Smith; Dr. Oz Show Backlash Continues: Members of ASIPP Send Letters in Response; Health Spending Slower, Docs May Deserve Credit; read more…

May 8

Be Prepared for Dr. Oz Show Backlash; Poor Prognosis for Privacy;

Predicting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Emergency Visits Due To Ambien Skyrocket; read more…

May 1

Manchikanti and Hirsch Published in Harvard Health Policy Review; FDA Updates OxyContin Label, Blocks Generics; When Your M.D. Is an Algorithm; read more…

April 17

Manchikanti and Hirsch Published in Harvard Health Policy Review; Affordable Care Act Enrollment Right around the Corner; FDA Updates OxyContin Label, Blocks Generics; read more…

April 10

Some fear EHR meaningful use is too much, too soon for doctors; 10 Essential Elements for Excellence in ASC Infection Control Programs; Doctors driven to bankruptcy; read more…

April 3


Medicare Advantage Insurers Win Round; CMS Changes Course, Will Raise 2014 Medicare Advantage Payments; Image Sharing Seeks to Reduce Repeat Scans; read more…

March 20

The End of Fee-for-Service in 5 Years?; EHR User Satisfaction Decreasing, According to Study; Risk of Deadly TB Exposure Grows Along U.S.-Mexico Border; read more…

March 6

FDA Warns Against Codeine for Children; BCBSNC Kicks Off Orthopedic Bundles; Billions in Extra Cash Fail to Stop Rot in NHS; read more…

February 20

ASIPP Member Defends ASIPP Guidelines; Opioid Overdose Deaths Topped 16,000 in 2010; Should States Opt Out of the Health Law's Medicaid Expansion?; read more…

February 6

New HIPAA Requirements Complicate Compliance; 2013 Final Fee Schedules and Coding Updates: Physician Reimbursement Dropped Sharply; read more…

January 2, 2013

Doctor Pay Freeze Until 2014 - 26.5% Cut Averted; 2% Sequester Postponed 2 Months; ASIPP Asks CMS to take Epidural Injections off NCD List; Dirty Needles Put Tens of Thousands at Risk in USA; read more…

Dec. 19

Upton Prepares 'Doc Fix' Package in Case Broader Deal Falls Apart; It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad ObamaCare; More Predictions of Rate Shock Because of the New Health Law; read more…

Dec. 5

National Coverage Decision: A Real Cliff for IPM; Additional Contamination Identified in Medical Products from NECC; Insurers Must Guide Individual Market in 2014; read more…

Nov. 21

Update: Multistate Outbreak of Fungal Meningitis; CMS Issues Final Rule for 2013 Physician Reimbursement; Why Healthcare Costs Trillions Less in Canada; read more…

Oct. 31

Why Doctors Prescribe Opioids to Known Abusers; Second Mass. Compounding Pharmacy Surrenders License; Opinion: Advertising the Truth about Who's a Physician; read more…

Oct. 24

CDC Responds to Multistate Fungal Meningitis Outbreak; State Alleged Problems With Pharmacy in '02; Survey: Potential Medicare cuts to affect physician EHR adoption; read more…

Oct. 17

The Latest: Drug Recall Information for Meningitis Multi-State Outbreak; Lawmakers Urge Probe, Hearings in Wake of Meningitis Outbreak; Positive News on Positive News on the CRNA Saga; read more…

Oct. 10

The Latest: Drug Recall Information for Meningitis Multi-State Outbreak; The CRNA Saga Continues; Effectiveness Research Slow to Change Practice; read more…

Oct. 3

Wall Street Journal Publishes Article on CRNAs in IPM: Nurses Seek Expanded Role; Multi-State Outbreak of Meningitis Following Epidural Injections; CCI 4th Quarter Updates Now Available:  Read more...

Oct. 1 Meningitis Following a Multi-State Outbreak of Epidural Injections; read more...
Sept. 26

Prescription Drug Abuse Contributes to Decreasing Life Expectancy among Less Educated Whites in US; Ky. Part of National Prescription Drug Initiatives; Prescription pain pill epidemic plows path to street drugs; read more…

Sept. 19

Articles Address Health Care Issues Relating to IPM; MedPAC Calls for Mandatory ASC Cost Reporting; More Docs Hope to Call D.C. Home; AMA Releases 2013 CPT Code Set ; read more…

Sept. 12 Medicare Region C Recovery Auditor to Begin Audits; Will U.S. Physicians be Forced to 'Heel' by Executive Order?; New FDA Device Helps ID Fake Drugs; read more…
Sept. 5

Unsupervised Anesthesia Care by a Nurse Anesthetist is a Threat to Patient Safety; Doctors Say Methadone Too Risky for Pain Management; Drug Shortage Dilemma: Trying New Tactics in a Tough Arena; read more…

August 29

Medicare Pay: Budget Sequester Adds to Annual Payment Rate Woes; ASCs and Physicians Face Potential Payment Cuts in January 2013; Same Doctor Visit, Double the Cost; read more…

August 22

CMS Proposes IPM Privileges for CRNAs: Time to Act Now or Never; Federal Court Dismisses Stark Law Challenge; Health Care Costs and the Affordable Care Act; read more…

August 15

CMS Proposes IPM Privileges for CRNAs: Time to Act Now; E-prescribing Up, But Progress by States is Uneven; Ambiguity in Health Law Could Make Family Coverage Too Costly for Many; read more…

August 8

CMS Proposes IPM Privileges for CRNAs: Time to Act Now or Never!; Colorado Court Rules Nurse Anesthetists Don't Need Physician Supervision; Ruling on Contributory Liability Defense Could Expose Physicians to More Lawsuits; read more…

August 1

Prescription Drug Abuse Bill Making its Mark Just Days After Going into Effect, KY Officials Say; AMA Pushes for More Useful Explanations of Physician Performance Data and Methodology; read more…

July 25

Is the FDA to Blame for Drug Shortages?; Health Information Exchanges to Combine Analytics, 'Actionable' Data: IDC; read more…

July 18

ASIPP Releases Opioid Guidelines; Unlimited Practice Privileges for CRNAs: The Fight Continues to Brew; CMS Releases Proposed Policy and Payment Changes to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule; read more…

July 11

Unlimited Practice Privileges for CRNAs: The Fight Continues; CMS Releases Proposed Policy and Payment Changes to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule; read more…

July 5

What's Next for Physicians after Affordable Care Act Ruling; Congress OKs Plan to Combat Drug Shortages; ASIPP Releases Opioid Guidelines; read more…

June 27

Four Likely Outcomes of the Supreme Court's ACA Ruling; California Court Allows Unsupervised Nurse Anesthetists to Administer Anesthesia; Economists See Health Spending Bouncing Back; read more…

June 20

Health Care’s Big Four Issues: What the Justices are Tracking; Some States Too Small to Succeed with Health Exchanges; Healthcare Prices up 0.2%; read more….

June 14

Medicare limits coverage of TENS for low back pain; Two insurers will keep ACA Provisions; Early Sunshine Laws show little effect on prescribing; read more...

June 6

Multiple regulations in Tennessee; Missouri pain bill still awaiting governor’s signature; Medical boards get more tools to investigate physicians; read more…

May 30

Most doctors headed for penalty over Medicare quality reporting; The Medicaid money trail?; Proposed changes to psychiatric manual could impact addiction diagnosis; read more…

May 23

As Maryland goes full stream ahead on health reform law, Virginia takes pragmatic path; Drug makers pledge transparency to tackle credibility problem in journals; SB 682 Pages MO legislature; Headed to governor for signature; read more…

May 16

Join the fight on single dose vial policy; Senate panel investigates drug companies’ ties to pain groups; Medicaid reimbursements rate hike proposed; read more…

May 9

Senate Investigating 10 Professional Organizations and Pharmaceutical Companies; Opinion: A Gathering Storm of Federal Regulations; Medicare Modifies Ordering, Referring Rules for Physicians; read more

May 2

Physicians fight unworkable Medicare overpayment rule; Dire Medicare outlook assumes deep physician pay cuts; DEA diversion investigation leads to $500K settlement in Internet pharmacy case; read more…

April 25

Medicare Trustees Forecast Bleak Future for Program; More Physicians Calling the Shots in latest Round of ACOs; CMS May Bump Cervical Spine Arthroplasty form “Inpatient Only” List; read more…

April 18

CMS rules contribute to drug shortages, hospital pharmacists say; End-of-Life Care: Pain Control Carries Risk of Being Called a Killer; read more…

April 11 DEA Hikes Registration Fees For Controlled Substance Prescriptions ; Physicians Groups Want Calif. SC to Review Anesthetists Case; ICD-10 Deadline Delayed 1 Year Under HHS Proposal: read more…
April 4

Health System Reform: Abstract Debate Inside Supreme Court As Protest Signs Dominate Outside; House Passes IPAB Repeal, Medical Liability Reform Bill; read more…

March 28

ASIPP Works on Pill Mill Bill in KY: Kentucky Joins Program to Share Prescription Drug Data and Adds Pain Management Doctor to Medical Board; Pharma Scales Back Drug Samples to Physician Offices; read more…

March 21

Get Connected with ASIPP through our Social Media; Release of Comparative Billing Report (CBR) on Pain Management Services Expected; U.S. Supreme Court Deals Blow to Biotech Companies; read more…

March 14

CMS Deletes Nerve Block Edits in Response to ASIPP Letter; Panel to Examine Doc Pay Issues; FDA Panel Says ‘Yes’ to Pain Drug Studies; read more….

March 7

House Committee Approves IPAB Repeal; MO Law Prohibiting CRNAs from Practicing IPM Passed in Committee; ABMS Establishes Time Limits for Attaining Board Certification; read more…

February 29

2012 Payroll Tax/SGR bill: what it means for physicians and ASCs; KY legislators propose drug bill; How prescription drug abuse costs you money; read more…

February 22

CMS will re-examine ICD-10 timeline; Deal near on SGR fix; Ne evidence points to a “profits over efficacy” approach to drug testing: read more…

February 15

CMS Will Re-Examine ICD-10 Timeline; Deal Near on SGR Fix; More Than Four Life Sentences for Dr. Paul Volkman: Illegally Prescribed Drugs Resulting in Four Deaths; read more…

February 8

Washington Watch: SGR Action Starts Up Again; Unspent War Funds Eyed to Avoid Medicare Physician Pay Cuts; Oxycodone Orders by Pharmacies 20 Times Average; read more…

February 1

Bill to Reduce Regulatory Burdens and Provide Better Medical Care for Patients Introduced in US House of Representatives; 'Guest Authors' Could Face Legal Trouble; FDA and Industry Reach Agreement in Principle on Medical Device User Fees; read more…

January 25

Critical Shortage of Essential Drugs Due to Single Dose Vial Policy; Spending Growth on Physician Services Record Low; Bristol-Myers Warning Ignored on Steroid Shots Tied to Deaths; read more…

January 18

Medicare Intensifying Documentation Reviews before Payment; CMS Corrects 2012 Medicare Rates; Small Medical Practices Greatly at Risk for Data Breaches; read more…

January 11

A Look Back at the Big Stories of 2011; 1st Quarter NCCI Edits; Consumers Warned about Possible Drug Mix-up; HHS Publishes New Medicaid Quality Measures; read more…

January 4

Only 22% of Payors Fully Ready to Support ICD-10; Doctors Have to Manage Smartphone Distractions; Commentary Rx Drug Database is Worth Sparing; read more…

2011 ALERTS  
December 28

New Powerful Painkiller Concerns Experts; Health Care Future Bright for Nurses, Dark for Docs; Epidurals Linked to Paralysis Cloud Pain Market; read more…

December 21

Congressional Deadlock Leaves Medicare 27.4% Pay Cut in Place -- For Now; What's To Become of the 'Doc Fix'?; Five Reasons Your Doctor Hates ObamaCare; Dates Set for Supreme Court Health Care Reform Arguments; read more…

December 14

HHS Audits the 1% and the Rest: First HIPAA Privacy and Security Audits Begin;

Survey: Doctors Have Mixed Feelings about Health Law; Rx Drug Fraud Move Part of HHS Plan to Cut Costs; Payroll Tax Holiday Act: Bad Politics, Bad Policy; read more…

December 7

Judge rules Iowa nurses not train to oversee fluoroscopy; CMS tightening up on unnecessary procedures in Florida and 10 other states; Back and arthritis pain drugs top sales in chronic therapies market; read more…

November 30

3% tax withholding on Medicare pay repealed; Misuse of Carisoprodol doubles over five years, study shows; Sharp fall in print media use accounts for most of decline; read more…

November 23 Health Care Drowning in Regulatory Burdens; Is There a Doctor Fix in the House and Senate; When is Too Much Information Too Much?; read more…
November 16

FDA Releases Draft of Opioid Continuing Education; Delegates Approve New Scope of Practice Policies; AMA Adopts Policy to Stop ICD-10 Implementation; read more…

November 9

CMS Releases Final Rates; The Impact of Health care Reform on IPM; CDC Issues Report on Prescription Opioid Overdoses: read more…

November 2

Published Trial Finds Caudal Epidural Injections to Be Effective; CMS Adopts Policy and Payment Changes for Outpatient Care in Hospitals and ASCs; read more…

October 26

CPT Coding Changes Announced; CMS Releases Dramatically Revised final ACO Regulations; read more…

Oct. 19

2012 CPT Coding Changes Announced; HHS Sec. Sebelius Announces Drop of CLASS Act; Lawsuit Filed to Block Illegal Denials of Services to Medicare Patients with Chronic Illness; read more…

Oct. 12

Obama Gambles on Health Reform Before Supreme Court; OIG to Compare Surgery Center Payment Rates; read more…

Oct. 5

Lawmakers Refereeing ‘Turf Battle’ over Interventional Pain Management Care; Fourth Quarter CCI Updates Released; Medicare Patients Abusing, Selling Rx Drugs, GAO Says; read more…

Sept. 28

Mistakes in Scientific Studies Surge; GA Doctors Develop Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Program; Advisory Panel Proposes Medicare Physician Pay Cuts; read more…

Sept. 21

ASIPP Requests CIGNA Coverage of Interventional Techniques; MedPAC Discusses SGR Repeal Recommendations; Proposed Rule Requires Insurers to Explain Costs and Benefits; read more…

Sept. 14

5 ways to manage your online reputation; DEA moves to emergency control of synthetic stimulants; Hardship waivers: last chance to avoid Medicare E-Prescribing penalty; read more…

September 7

HHS Bolsters Scrutiny of Researchers’ Drug Industry Ties; CMS Announces 2011 Electronic Prescribing (ERX) Incentive Program Final Rule; Opinion: Doctors Will Remain a Target Until They Wake Up; read more…

August 31

Most Physicians Must Revalidate Medicare Enrollment by 2013; Most Doctors Will Face Lawsuits but Few Lose; read more…

August 24 Current and Future State of Pain Management: Q&A with Dr. Laxmaiah Manchikanti; Noridian re-releases CRNA Practice and Chronic Pain Management Coverage; CMS Testing Bundled Payments for Medicare; read more…
August 17

Price Gouging Spikes Drug Costs Up to 4500%; Physician Organizations Fight States’ Proposed Cutbacks to Medicaid; Doctors Sue HHS; CMS Over ‘Secretive’ Payment Committee; read more…

August 10

How Debt Deal Could Squeeze Medicare Pay More; Health System Reform Law Expected to Spark Spending Rebound: Georgia Doctors Sue CMS; read more…

August 3

Expert Witnesses on Trail; Average U.S. Health Spending to Rise 5.8 Percent Annually through 2020; U.S. Continues to Outspend other Nations on Healthcare; read more…

July 27, 2011

States May Get Substantial Power over Health Insurance Exchanges; Fewer Americans See Smoking as Risky Survey; Walter Reed Closing in September; read more…

July 20, 201

Quest for SGR Reform: Avoiding the Eleventh-hour Drama; Medicare Proposes a 50% Cut for Some Imaging Fees in 2012; Concierge Medicine Offers Hands-on Care at a Price; Read more…

July 13, 2011

Chronic pain costs U.S. $635 billion per year; Support grows for ASC bill; FDA declines to approve Remoxy; read more…

July 6, 2011

CMS announces 2012 proposed fee schedule; AMA finds insurers mishandle 1 in 5 claims; Doctors’ challenge: How real is that pain?; read more…

June 30, 2011

IOM Report Calls for Cultural Attitude Transformation toward Pain Prevention and Management; Appeals Court Upholds Health Care Laws Individual Mandate; read more…

June 22, 2011

Ohio Medical Board Regulating Pain Clinics; Weaning the Hill Off Medicare Formula; Medicare Claims Soon to Be Open for Data Mining; read more…

June 15, 2011

ASIPP Requests NCCI Policy Changes: CMS Agrees on Multiple Requests; Board of Directors Election Results; IOM report targets accuracy of Medicare regional payments; more

June 8, 2011

Medicare to offer more waivers from e-prescribing penalty; IOM report says flawed Medicare data lead to inaccurate payments; read more…

June 1, 2011

Study says industry supported CME offers potential for bias; Can an insurer settle a malpractice suit against your wishes?; Vermont governor signs health care law; read more…

May 25, 2011

Next steps on Medicare reform now; Medicaid physician pay swept up in battle over funding and access; Congress eyes new Medicare payment models; read more...

May 18, 2011

Prescription drug addiction addressed; AMA unveils SGR replacement plans; read more…

May 11, 2011

The real Medicare debate: Deciding who decides; Two more senators introduce bills to publish Medicare claims data; Coalition pushes for safe injection practices; read more…

May 4, 2011

Adverse events: Ten times more; Rx side effects causing more hospitalizations; Electronic medical records: What your data can tell you; read more…

April 27, 2011

Tennessee State Bill SB 1935 Passes in Senate Committee; analysis of Opioid Prescription Practices Finds Areas of Concern; The Origin of Opioid Guidelines: Is it Science or Promotion of Opioids?; read more…

April 20, 2011

Obama administration releases plan to address national prescription drug abuse epidemic; CMS may require some doctors to get pre-authorization for imaging; read more…

April 13, 2011

UnitedHealth Subsidiary Buying Logistics Health; HHS Announces Nationwide Effort to Reduce Medical Errors; AMA Launches Coding App Designed for Doctors; read more…

April 6, 2011

Noridian Medicare: CRNAs Cannot Independently Practice Chronic Pain; Bill would Post Every Physician’s Medicare Billing Data on Internet; read more…

March 30, 2011

Washington State Approves Multiple Injections with the Exception of Therapeutic Facet Joint Injections; Ultrasound at $59,490 Spurs Aetna Outrage in Suit Naming Doctor; read more…

March 23, 2011

A Panel Decides Washington State’s Health Care Costs; MedPAC Calls for Small Pay Increas for Docs in 2012; read more…

March 16, 2011

Florida Senate Panel Strengthens Drug Monitoring; GAO Echoes Physician Concerns on EMR e-Prescribing Bonuses; $3 Billion Lawsuit Alleges Medicare Underpayment to Physicians; read more…

March 9, 2011

GAO reports $48B in Medicare fraud in 2010; In health law, Rx for trouble; HHS opens door to Medicaid eligibility cuts; Read more…

March 2, 2011

Medtronic Issues Clarifications on SynchroMed Infusion System Pocket Fill Recall; Study Finds Inconsistencies in Black Box Warnings; read more…

February 23, 2011

Obama Budget Would Delay Medicare Pay Cuts; Safety Alert: Urgent Medical Device Correction and Recall; read more…

February 16, 2011

Urgent Message for IPM Physicians in Washington State; NHS Shamed over Callous Treatment of Elderly; PT Providers Will See site Visits Under Anti-Fraud rule; read more…

February 9, 2011

Washington State Creates a Health Care Shadow Government: The Tragedy of Evidence-Based Medicine Results in Needless Pain; Chou and Manchikanti Respond to APS Guidelines Critique; read more…

February 8, 2011

The ability for physicians in Washington State to treat patients in the is at risk. The ISIS leadership has made us aware of a critical issue in the State of Washington and is asking for your help to preserve coverage for appropriately performed spinal injections. read more...

February 2, 2011

House Shifts to medical Liability Overhaul after Health Reform Vote; Senate to Vote on Health Law Repeal; Retired NFL Players More Likely to Take Painkillers; read more…

January 26, 2011

Patients Hit with Add-on Charges; Wall Street Journal Files to Open Medicare Database; read more…

January 19, 2011

MedPAC Recommends 1% Medicare Raise for 2012; Prescription Drug Containers May Get Simpler Labels; read more…

January 12, 2011

NCCI 1st Quarter Updates; Lawmakers Settle for Short-Term Spending Measure; Survey: 41 Percent of Mid-Sized Practices are Struggling; read more…

Jenuary 5, 2011

A New Year Gift: Congress Gives – Administration Takes it Back; New Imaging Disclosure Requirements Could mean Opportunity for Radiologists; Seven More Hospitals Settle in Kyphoplasty Fraud Case; Read more…


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