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May 23, 2012


  1. Meeting Your Need to Know: IPM Future Strategies and Emerging Trends
  2. Time to Stand Up and Fight: Critical Shortage of Essential Drugs Due to Single Dose Vial Policy - Multi-Society Consensus Statement Issued
  3. ASIPP Offers Review Courses, Competency Exams in San Francisco
  4. As Maryland Goes Full Steam Ahead on Health Reform Law, Virginia Takes Pragmatic Path
  5. Drugmakers Pledge Transparency to Tackle Credibility Problem in Journals
  6. Physician Practices Call for Additional Time to Submit E-Rx Exemptions
  7. E-RX Webinar Set for Tomorrow
  8. More Newborns Showing Ill Effects of Maternal Opioid Use
  9. Outpatient Facilities Negotiate Better Reimbursement Rates Than Physicians, Study Says
  10. SB 682 Passes Missouri legislature and Headed to Governor for Signature
  11. AMA Calls for 2-Year Delay of ICD-10 Enforcement
  12. State Society News
  13. Physicians Wanted
annualMeeting Your Need to Know: IPM Future Strategies and Emerging Trends



ASIPP has a reputation for thought-provoking, cutting-edge general sessions and this year is no exception. This year's meeting theme is IPM: Future Strategies and Emerging Technologies.

Our guest speaker for this year's Manchikanti Distinguished lecture titled "The Health Reform Law: What's Happened, What's Next, What you need to know" is David Merritt. Merritt is a nationally recognized expert in health policy and health transformation and a sought-after speaker, author, and policy adviser. He was Senior Health Policy Adviser to Presidential Campaigns and most recently, the CEO, Center for Health Transformation


On Sunday, June 10 we will cover "Guideline Warfare in Interventional Pain Management: Fact, Fiction, and Reality." In the session we will consider, analyze, and discuss the various guidelines.


Breakout session topics include: Emerging technology in IPM including MILD, SCS, and intrathecal therapies; practice management, documentation, billing and coding; Imaging of the spine; ultrasound for non-spinal injections; controlled substance use and abuse; guidelines warfare, residents and fellows section; and abstract/poster presentations.


Our annual legislative session will kick-off on Monday, June 11. We are pleased to announce that the North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) is once again cosponsoring this event. You won't want to miss this historical meeting. With NANS and ASIPP as cosponsors, this year promises to be the best and most productive legislative session to date. Because ASIPP recognizes the significance of this legislative tradition, we encourage you to stay through Tuesday and Wednesday, when we take the meeting to Capitol Hill, to hear several representatives and senators address us on the issues that affect you and your practice.



The special speaker for the legislative session is former Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2007-2009), Tevi Troy, PhD.

Don't miss this year's exciting meeting! Watch for updates and announcements over the coming weeks.




standTime to Stand Up and Fight: Critical Shortage of Essential Drugs Due to Single Dose Vial Policy - Multi-Society Consensus Statement Issued


ASIPP has been working on onerous regulations, including the single dose vial policy.  copies of the letters from the links.Congress is concerned, providers are concerned; however, the CDC and CMS have their own ideas of what evidence-based medicine is and it seems to have nothing to do with evidence.


The CDC continues to follow the philosophy that single dose vials should be used on only one patient. Now it appears they may also add a regulation limiting the use of radiation gloves to one pair per one patient. This could be the end of interventional pain management as we know it. Everything will be pushed into a hospital setting. At the current reimbursement levels, with the added expense of these regulations, it will soon be unaffordable to perform these procedures in ASCs or offices.


ASIPP stands by our consensus statement and also the multiple correspondences we have sent to the CDC and CMS.Now we ask that you also stand up and take action.


Use the links below to send letters from yourself, your office staff, patients, their attendants, and relatives -- everyone you know. Preferably the letters should be customized, but if not, just use the letters already present on Capwiz.


You are just 3 steps away from taking action:


PRINT copies of the letters from the links.


To Congress: http://www.asipp.org/documents/CapwizLettertoCongress.doc


To CDC: http://www.asipp.org/documents/Single-doseVialLettertoCDC.doc


To FDA: http://www.asipp.org/documents/Single-doseVialLettertoFDA.doc


To CMS: http://www.asipp.org/documents/Single-doseVialLettertoCMS.doc



GET signatures from your patients


ENTER names and emails into Capwitz to send to your letters electronically. 


Capwiz letter to CDC, FDA and CMS:




Capwiz Letter to Congress:




Below are links for  additional information concerning the single dose vial issue:


Click HEREfor Congressional Letter


Click HEREfor Fact Sheet


Click to see Consensus Statement



Click HERE to see response letter to CDC


Click HERE to see letter from Cong. Cliff Stearns



boardASIPP Offers Review Courses, Competency Exams in San Francisco


  Attend the Comprehensive Review Course in Controlled Substance Management July 30-31 and take that Competency Exam on Aug. 1



Register HERE



Attend the Comprehensive Review Course in Coding, Compliance and Practice Management Aug. 2-3 and take that competency exam Aug.5.


Register HERE


 Courses will be at the Westin San Francisco Market Street.


Click HEREfor reservations


marylandAs Maryland Goes Full Steam Ahead on Health Reform Law, Virginia Takes Pragmatic Path


One day after President Obama signed federal health-care legislation into law, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) issued an executive order that essentially put out the welcome mat.


He was a lollygagger compared with Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II (R). Five minutes after Obama put pen to bill, Cuccinelli's aides were heading to the courthouse to file his



Washington Post

journalsDrugmakers Pledge Transparency to Tackle Credibility Problem in Journals


Eight leading pharmaceutical companies have approved 10 recommendations aimed at improving transparency to address what they call a "credibility gap" that faces industry-funded clinical research.


"Some observers, including some journal editors and academic reviewers, maintain a persistent negative view of industry-sponsored studies," said an article in May's Mayo Clinic Proceedings, co-written by 11 drug industry representatives and medical journal editors.



AMA news

callPhysician Practices Call for Additional Time to Submit E-Rx Exemptions


On Tuesday, the Medical Group Management Association-American College of Medical Practice Executives sent a letter asking acting CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner to delay the deadline for submitting hardship exemptions for the federal electronic prescribing program, Modern Physician reports (Daly, Modern Physician, 5/16).



Physicians must report submitting at least 10 electronic prescriptions by June 30 to avoid the 2013 reimbursement penalties through the Medicare e-prescribing program.


Physicians who do not report at least 10 e-prescribing encounters on claims for eligible services or file for an exemption in time face a 1.5% payment reduction for all Medicare claims in 2013.


iHealthBeat, 5/4


rxE-RX Webinar Tomorrow


June 30th, 2012, is the last chance to avoid 2013 Medicare E-prescribing penalty!Not Participating With Medicare May Not Avoid Future e-Rx Penalty Adjustments


 If you have not yet participated in the e-Rx Incentive Program, this webinar will help you with using any of the following options

  1. Claims-based reporting

  2. CMS-qualified Registry-based reporting

  3. CMS-qualified EHR direct submission

  4. CMS-qualified EHR data submission vendor

It's Not Too Late to Start...E-prescribing: Use it 10 times for Medicare Patients Between Now and June 30, 2012 or Lose Money in 2013. Don't Miss Your Second Chance to Avoid the Medicare 2013 e-Rx penalty Adjustment. If you are participating in Medicare's EHR Meaningful Use Incentive Program, you will still need to report your e-Rx to avoid 2013 and 2014 penalty adjustments. Non-physician Providers that don't have prescriptive privileges still need to report e-Rx hardship G code to notify Medicare. Learn how to avoid e-Rx penalty adjustment for your non-physician providers that don't have prescriptive authority.

Click here to register.


 Act Now and Avoid the 2013 Medicare e-Rx penalty!

newbornMore Newborns Showing Ill Effects of Maternal Opioid Use


Many newborns wail inconsolably in the Knoxville, Tenn., neonatal intensive care unit where Mark S. Gaylord, MD, works.


They often sweat with fever and struggle to breathe. The skin on their bottoms cracks from diarrhea. In more serious cases, they have seizures and remain hospitalized for up to two months.


The diagnosis for these babies is neonatal abstinence syndrome, a group of problems caused by maternal opiate use during pregnancy. The incidence of such cases has nearly tripled in the past decade, data show.



AMA news

outpatientOutpatient Facilities Negotiate Better Reimbursement Rates Than Physicians, Study Says



Hospitals and outpatient surgery centers have been more successful at bargaining for higher rates from employer-sponsored health plans than physicians in 2012 so far, according to data from Milliman Inc. in Seattle.

The report, called the 2012 Milliman Medical Index, used care cost data from the company to estimate the average healthcare costs for a typical U.S. family of four receiving healthcare through an employer-sponsored PPO plan. The report analyzed factors such as the cost of inpatient hospitalization, outpatient care, professional services and pharmacy services. The analysis does not include the cost of long-term care or insurance plan administration costs.


Becker' ASC Review


missouriSB 682 Passes Missouri legislature and Headed to Governor for Signature

The bill requires fluoroscopic guided injections of the spine for chronic pain to be performed by licensed physicians. Lumbar inter-laminar injections may be performed by other health care providers.

The momentum for the bill was provided by two tragic cases of patient injury following cervical spine injections by a CRNA with no formal interventional pain training. One patient suffered a recurrent laryngeal nerve injury following cervical facet FR ablation. The other patient developed a spinal cord injury following cervical spinal cord injection of local anesthetic during a cervical facet injection.

We need ASIPP members across the country to call Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and ask him to sign the bill. His number is 573-751-3222

delayAMA Calls for 2-Year Delay of ICD-10 Enforcement


Federal officials should delay a deadline to switch to the ICD-10 diagnosis code sets for billing physician services by at least two years instead of one, the American Medical Association said in a May 10 letter to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.


The agency overseeing the transition to the new codes has proposed a one-year delay from Oct. 1, 2013, to Oct. 1, 2014. But the AMA wants CMS to take more time to evaluate whether an alternative diagnosis code set is more appropriate than a full transition to the roughly 68,000 ICD-10 codes. A full cost-benefit analysis on the administrative and financial impact of the switch is needed, wrote AMA Executive Vice President and CEO James L. Madara, MD, in a letter commenting on the proposed one-year delay.


AMA news

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