Interventional Pain Management Reports

Interventional Pain Management Reports (IPM Reports) is an electronic publication of The American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and a Clinical Companion Journal to Pain Physician.  It is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal written by and directed to an audience of interventional pain physicians, clinicians and basic scientists with an interest in interventional pain management and pain medicine. IPM Reports  presents the latest studies, research, and information vital to those in the emerging specialty of interventional pain management - and critical to the people they serve.

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Current issue highlights: (June 2017, Volume 1, Issue 2)


Combined Ultrasound and Fluoroscopic Guidance for Percutaneous Ilioinguinal Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
Case Report
Juan A. Ramos, MD, Andrew J. McNeil, DO, and Ted F. Gingrich, MD.


The Treatment and Natural Course of “Insulin Neuritis” or Treatment-induced Neuropathy from the Perspective of 2 Cases
Case Report
Frank G. van Haren, MD, and Kris C.P Vissers, MD, PhD.


Intrathecal Bleed Following Percutaneous Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial Lead Placement
Case Report
Katherine S. Roden, MD, Julie A. Owen, MD, and Ryan H. Nobles, MD.


Skin Burn after Sacroiliac Denervation: An Unusual but Significant Complication
Case Report
Charles Amaral de Oliveira, MD, André Mansano, MD, PhD, Fabricio Dias Assis, MD, and Andrea Trescot, MD.