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The Following is a Sample of Communications:

• View Dr. David Kloth on Fox Business Happy Hour discussing the rationing of care by TriCare, a government-backed managed care provider.

• Dr. Scott Glaser, interventional pain physician and ASIPP Board member joins the show, HealthRadio, to discuss what should be done to reduce the amount of unnecessary deaths due to pain medication addictions. Click here to listen.

• Dr. David Kloth on Fox's Strategy Room discussing Michael Jackson.

• Dr. Kloth’s video on IPM is now available on the The Doctors Channel.

• Health Radio’s Spine Universe. Click here to listen.
• Health Team Channel 8 on drug monitoring programs. Click here for an online video of the interview and a printed article of the same interview.

Dr. Laxmaiah Manchikanti’s interview with Dailyfinance.com
Videos on the Doctors Channel regarding NASPER
Dr. Manchikanti’s interview with American Medical News

• Dr. Kloth interviews with Dr. DeSilva on Health Radio about the number of electronic devices in use continuing to climb and the increase of a new ailment called Cubital Tunnel Syndrome or “Cell Phone” Elbow.

• Dr. Kloth was on SIRIUS Doctor radio Monday, June 8th, 8:30am to 9am EST.
Dr. Manchikanti’s radio interview with Dr. Mary Zennett of Health Matters about NASPER.

Tabloid Insert in the Chicago Tribune on Back Pain and IPM.


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