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  1. ASIPP Announces Agenda for 16th Annual Meeting: IPM: Not a Luxury nor Experimental, but Effective and Necessary
  2. ASIPP Cadaver Workshop, Imaging, Fluroscopy and Radiation Safety Course Set in Phoenix Jan 31- Feb. 2
  3. Volunteers for ASIPP Opioid and IPM Guidelines Update Needed
  4. ASIPP Annual Meeting Call for Abstracts
  5. "If You Like Your Doctor You Will Be Able to Keep Your Doctor. Period"
  6. Insurers cut doctors' fees in new health plans
  7. Docs Unhappy With ACA Exchange Plans
  8. Split Over Health-Law Change
  9. Baucus Ready to Push for 'Doc Fix'
  10. ID Verification Lagging on Health Care Website
  11. Half of new Medicaid eligibles are 'young invincibles'
  12. Giving docs price data curbs costs
  13. State Society News
  14. Physician Wanted

agendaASIPP Announces Agenda for 16th Annual Meeting: IPM: Not a Luxury nor Experimental, but Effective and Necessary 


We are pleased to announce the agenda for ASIPP's 16th Annual Meeting: IPM: Not a Luxury nor Experimental, but Effective and Necessary (Click HERE  to downloadthe brochure). Visit New Orleans with your family, attend the meeting, and spend a few days. Don't plan on leaving until later in the afternoon on Sunday April 6, 2014.


We are all suffering distress from Affordable (Obama) Care, the current regulatory environment, and decreasing reimbursements, making it difficult to practice and sometimes to even stay in practice. This annual meeting will have practical, evidence-based, education to help preserve your practice into the future. We believe you will find that this conference is quite different from the majority of other conferences, offering you much, much more than the typical lectures on emerging technologies, which constitutes less than 2% of your practice. We have worked hard to design a meeting for you and your staff that covers the many aspects of your practice.


This annual meeting will have many exciting features: not only practical, evidence-based education, but also our speakers, who we are proud to say are the highest quality we've ever had.


Dr. Devi is the first interventional pain physician to be a medical journalist. She will deliver the keynote speech on "Interventional Pain Management and Media Interactions in the Modern Era." She will provide tips for all of us to present ourselves, provide proper evidence, and present ourselves with smiles rather than stress.


 Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, Ben Sass, PhD, willpresent a lecture titled "Navigating Uncertainty in Health Care and Surviving as Individual Pain Physicians in the New Era."


 Christopher J. Gilligan, MD, "Preparing for Accountable (Obama) Care: Understanding Value-Based Approaches and Cost Utility in Managing Patients with Spinal Pain"


Debra Beaulieu, editor of Fierce Practice Management, "Independent Practice of IPM: Is it Feasible?"


James H. Diaz, MD, MPH, "The Public Health Perspective of Chronic Pain: The Role of Interventionalists."


Other speakers include eminent physicians Mark Huntoon, Steve Cohen, Joshua Hirsch, Gabor Racz, Laxmaiah Manchikanti, and many others-each with a lifetime of experience in interventional pain management.


For the first time we'll have an ultrasound workshop for non-spinal interventions, as well as sessions on practical billing, coding, and practice management and our always popular abstract presentations.


Last, but not the least is the entertainment portion with exhibitor interactions, our presidential dinner with congressional speakers, and New Orleans style entertainment.


We strongly recommend that you register immediately for the meeting and plan to stay through Sunday afternoon or longer. Arrive with the family, and enjoy yourselves before, during and after the annual meeting.


Staying on Sunday will be extremely important to you because of the discussion we'll have concerning practical issues, focusing on measures you can apply locally. As you know, all politics are local.


Click HERE to register

phoenixASIPP Cadaver Workshop, Imaging, Fluroscopy and Radiation Safety Course Set in Phoenix Jan 31- Feb. 2


  ASIPP Is pleased to announce a Cadaver Workshop (Basic, Intermediate, and ABIPP Preparation), February 1-2, 2014 and the Imaging, Fluoroscopy, and Radiation Safety course on January 31, 2014, both in Phoenix, AZ.


The 1-day review course includes didactics on the topic of fluoroscopy. Participants experience a comprehensive and intense learning opportunity, focusing on interventional pain management techniques.


The intensive review course in fluoroscopy is planned as a CME activity for interventional pain physicians-for review, skills improvement or to fullfil state board requirements for CME hours in fluoroscopic interpretation and radiation safety.


After this course, participants should be able to:

- Describe the delivery of multiple aspects of interventional pain management.

- Review multiple areas of interventional pain management including fluoroscopic interpretation and radiation safety

- Demonstrate skills through interactive review of images



Click HERE to register


Click HERE to view brochure


Click HERE for hotel information.


volunteerVolunteers for ASIPP Opioid and IPM Guidelines Updates Needed



  Believe it or not it's that time again - time to update the ASIPP guidelines. And this time around we are going to update the Opioid Guidelines at the same time. That does not mean you have to participate in both! You can choose either one or be a part of both.


This year we will not only be updating the previous guidelines, but we will be making some changes and consolidating multiple systematic reviews.


All these will be discussed in detail and preparation of guidelines will be provided in a one day meetingheld on January 31 in Phoenix, AZ in conjunction with a cadaver workshop. It is mandatory, if you are a United State resident, that you attend this meeting, and after that you have to attend at least at a minimum, 50% of all online/telephone conference meetings..


If you are selected, we will provide reimbursement for the room for onsite meetings.


Please submit your interest in participation, along with your subjects of interest, to Holly Long at hlong@asipp.org, by December 2, 2013.

abstractASIPP Annual Meeting Call for Abstracts


Abstract submission is now open to  enter your abstract proposal into the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians abstract and poster presentation at the 16th Annual Meeting set for April 4-6, 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana.


The top 20 abstracts will be published in Pain Physician journal. The top 20 will be selected for Poster presentation during the annual meeting on April 5. The top 5 will be presenting their abstracts during the regular session of all members on Saturday. That evening at the Presidential Awards Banquet, the top three abstract presenters will receive cash prizes.


A final abstract submission deadline is at 5pm Monday, February 17, 2014. Those selected will be notified by March 4, 2014 and will receive free registration to the annual meeting.


Click HERE or a complete set of rules  


Click HERE to submit your abstract.

if"If You Like Your Doctor You Will Be Able to Keep Your Doctor. Period"


I think you can guess who said that.

Actually, here is what the President said at the American Medical Association Meeting in July, 2009--and likely lots more times:


"No matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise: If you like your doctor, you will keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, your will keep your health plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what. My view is that health care reform should be guided by a simple principle: fix what's broken and build on what works."


We have all heard this repeated many times before in recent weeks. But with the front-page story in the Washington Post this morning, "Health Insurers Limit Choices to Keep Costs Down," it's as if somebody rang a new bell this time focused on the "you will keep your doctor" part.


Healthy Policy and Market Blog

insurersInsurers cut doctors' fees in new health plans



Insurers are reducing payments to medical practices in many of the plans they sell through the new health-law marketplaces, raising concerns that enrollees will have fewer doctors to choose from if low fees spark an exodus. Meanwhile, The Los Angeles Times reports that the success of the law depends in part on the actions of insurance companies, doctor groups and hospitals, all of whom are financially vested in it.


The Wall Street Journal: Insurers Cut Doctors' Fees in New Health-Care Plans

Insurers are slashing payments to medical practices in many of the plans they sell through the new health-law marketplaces-;sparking worries that Americans signing up for coverage will have fewer doctors to choose from if low fees spark an exodus from the plans. UnitedHealth Group Inc. sent some New York City physicians contract amendments as recently as this month setting rates well below what doctors normally see from private insurance, including less than $40 for a typical office visit and about $20 for reading a mammogram, according to confidential documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal (Weaver and Beck, 11/21).



Medical News


docsDocs Unhappy With ACA Exchange Plans

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. -- Abysmal payments. Lack of information. Even questionable business practices.

Those are all complaints physicians have had in the early stages of working with health insurance companies selling plans through the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) health insurance marketplaces, also known as exchanges.


MedPage Today asked several attendees at this week's American Medical Association's interim meeting about their experiences with the new plan offerings. Responses from those with experience dealing with them on the whole weren't positive.



MedPage Today

splitSplit Over Health-Law Change


California officials rebuffed President Barack Obama Thursday and voted against letting insurers in the state reinstate canceled health policies, in a move that highlighted internal tensions among Democrats about the health law's direction.


Mr. Obama proposed last week that insurers be allowed to restore the canceled policies, hoping to quiet a furor that broke out when it became clear that millions of Americans who bought individual coverage were losing it.

But some supporters of the president's Affordable Care Act said allowing the old policies to stay would harm the law's prospects for success. Meeting Thursday, the board of California's health-insurance exchange unanimously decided to stick to its stance blocking older policies that don't meet the law's coverage requirements. It won swift praise from some state lawmakers.



Wall Street Journal



Access to this article may be limited.

baucusBaucus Ready to Push for 'Doc Fix'


Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus says his panel will consider so-called "doc fix" legislation to repeal the rate formula used for physician reimbursement under Medicare when lawmakers return to Washington in December.


The Montana Democrat sent out a notice Thursday to fellow committee members announcing they will meet in "open executive session" on Dec. 12 "to consider an original bill to repeal what is officially known as the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula."


The legislation that Baucus will offer will be distributed 48 hours before the start of that meeting.



National Journal



IdID Verification Lagging on Health Care Website


WASHINGTON - Just days before the Obama administration's self-imposed deadline to fix the troubled federal health insurance website, officials said Monday that they were aware of another problem that has prevented thousands of people who were unable to verify their identity from shopping for health plans.


Many users of the website have had their applications cast into limbo after they uploaded copies of documents like driver's licenses, Social Security cards and voter registration cards, or sent them to the office of the federal insurance marketplace in London, Ky.


NY Times


halfHalf of new Medicaid eligibles are 'young invincibles'



The new face of Medicaid may be underemployed millennials, but that may bode well for Medicaid's finances.

Young adults ages 19 to 34 account for more than half of those newly eligible for Medicaid, according to a new Urban Institute study.


Of the almost 10 million young adults elible for Medicaid under the ACA, about 20 percent of are be students, 42 percent are working and 18 percent are unemployed, and some of them are already using social services.



Healthcare Finance News


givingGiving docs price data curbs costs



Many healthcare organizations have been making an effort to reduce diagnostic testing where clinically feasible since it is known to contribute to increasing healthcare costs. But achieving lab testing reductions is not as simple as it sounds. However, a new study suggests educating doctors via real-time price comparison might do the trick.


According to a new Atrius Health study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, doctors who regularly viewed lab test cost data in the electronic health record both decreased their ordering rates for certain tests and saved up to $107 per 1,000 visits per month.



Healthcare Finance News


State Society News


WISIPP Plans January Meeting


The Wisconsin chapter of the American Socieity of Interventional Pain Physicians will be Friday, January 24th, 2014, at Andrew's Bar & Restaurant in Delafield.  More details and registration information will be available shortly.


CASIPP Sets Date for Annual Meeting


The California Society of Interventional Pain Physicians will hold its 2014 annual meeting September 12-14 at the Terranea Resort (www.terranea.com) in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.


For more information, go to www.casipp.com





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