Executive Committee

Vijay Singh, MD - Chair
Executive Committee Chair, ASIPP

Laxmaiah Manchikanti, MD
Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer, ASIPP

Ramsin M. Benyamin, MD
Director Emeritus, ASIPP

Bradley Wargo
Secretary, ASIPP

Francis Riegler, MD
Immediate Past President, ASIPP

Hans C. Hansen
President, ASIPP

Frank J. E. Falco
First Executive Vice President, ASIPP

Harold Cordner
Second Executive Vice President, ASIPP

Sudhir Diwan, MD
President-Elect, ASIPP

Standiford Helm, II, MD
Treasurer, ASIPP

Joshua A. Hirsch, MD
Academic Director, ASIPP

Sanjay Bakshi
Vice President of Strategic Planning, ASIPP

Sukdeb Datta
Vice-President of Strategic Alliances, ASIPP

Committee on AMA, CPT, and RUC

Lee T. Snook, Jr., MD
AMA Delegate

Sachin "Sunny" Jha
AMA Delegate (alternate)

RUC Advisor (alternate)

CPT Advisory Committee (alternate)

Vikram Patel, MD

AMA RUC Member

CPT Advisory Committee

Michael Lubrano, MD
RFS Sectional Delegate