ASIPP Podcast January 2019

Dr Sheldon "Shelly" Jordan, L.A. Neurologist Talks E-X-O-S-O-M-E-S

These are the fun moments in medicine. I was riding on a bus going to the airport after the Orlando Cadaver Course. Doctor Sheldon Jordan "Shelly," a neurologist from L.A., started talking to an instructor next to him about exosomes, that's E-X-O-S-O-M-E-S, and a newly rediscovered chemotherapeutic drug. The discussion was fascinating and went well beyond neurological diagnosis, but into treatment. Treatment that looks promising for Alzheimer's, head injuries, Parkinson's, depression, possibly addiction, and other degenerative diseases. Bosulik, , a pill for leukemia that was abandoned due to unacceptable side effects, could be given in reduced doses and tolerated well, to help these maladies. A shift in the discussion turned to to exosomes. Basically bubbles that deliver growth factors, and helps stem cells on their way. Could these help wake up and repair areas of the brain that are damaged by disease states? As usual, I was trying to record him on my iPhone but not only was the sound quality poor, I can never find the record button fast enough. Finally, I had the opportunity to interview Shelly at a subsequent Cadaver Course in Memphis, and as I explained the podcast, any time I corner neurological brilliance, I think of professional growth.Turn the corner and become more excited about what we do with difficult disease states that we often see, but don't always have options. This podcast was fun, inspiring, and as you'll hear, I think he's on to something. hh