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  2005 ALERTS
12/28/2005 Congress passes budget; Reimbursements increase; Highlights from 2005...
12/20/2005 House Eliminates 4.4% Cut; Limitation on payments for ASCs...
12/14/2005 Congressional presentation to Manchikanti; Persistence pays; Medicaid fee schedule changes... Click here
12/14/2005 Louisiana State Board of Nursing Decision challenged...
12/2/2005 Illinois Bureau of Comprehensive Health Services revises fee schedule...
12/7/2005 NASPER committee reports; Online registration now available... read all the news
12/1/2005 States' eligibility requirements for federal funding under NASPER..
11/30/2005 Boswell invited to serve; New health secretary is named... Click here
11/23/2005 Physician payment schedule for 2006; National Committee for Quality Assurance released draft...Click here
11/16/2005 New operations director named; DEA revises fee schedule... Click here
11/9/2005 ABIPP posts 2006 examination dates, application; 2006 final rates... Click here
11/3/2005 CMS issues 2006 physician fee schedule, OPPS final rule, more... Click here
11/2/2005 Discount deadline for December workshop extended to Nov. 15, more... Click here
10/26/2005 Updates on proposed legisation to fix SGR, on ASC payments, more... Click here
10/19/2005 Most pass competency certification exams, more... Click here
10/12/2005 CMS gives tips to fight fraud as Medicare prescription benefit nears, more...Click here
10/6/2005 CCI edits take effect Oct. 1, ABIPP seeks volunteers, NY CAC, more... Click here
10/4/2005 Check out ASIPP's 2006 meeting schedule, more...Click here
9/27/2005 Teen drug abuse triples; ASIPP joins others in asking for SGR fix, more... Click here
9/20/2005 ASIPP visits Capitol Hill, celebrates NASPER. Click here
9/8/2005 Kentucky governor proclaims ASIPP Day. Click here
9/7/2005 ASIPP meeting to begin Friday in D.C., more... Click here
9/2/2005 Several ASIPP members displaced by hurricane, more... Click here
9/1/2005 ASIPP president asks for pump-stim info. Click here
8/26/2005 ASIPP needs members to make Capitol Hill visits Sept. 14. Click here
8/23/2005 ASIPP will honor two lawmakers, two physicians Sept. 13. Click here
8/17/2005 Friday, Aug. 19, is deadline for Washington discount, free hotel. Click here
8/15/2005 Proposed 2006 physician fee schedule and HOPD rates. Click here
8/12/2005 NASPER becomes law with President Bush's signature. Click here
8/11/2005 ASIPP guidelines posted by NGC, state society news. Click here
8/3/2005 Sign up for weekend pain course Click here
8/1/2005 Register for St. Louis; Washington deadline extended Click here
7/29/2005 Senate approves NASPER -- ASIPP legislation to go to President Click here
7/28/2005 NASPER makes front page, ASIPP meets with pain groups. Click here
7/27/2005 U.S. House approves ASIPP's NASPER legislation. Click here
7/26/2005 An update on CCI edits. Click here
7/20/2005 BREAKING NEWS: House committee OKs NASPER, more. Click here.
7/20/2005 FDA advisory; NHSIPP to meet Sept. 20, more... Click here.
7/15/2005 Mississippi chapter plans Aug. 6 meeting, more... Click here.
7/8/2005 Alternate hotel suggested for St. Louis meeting, more... Click here
7/1/2005 New ASC codes go into effect today, more...Click here
6/27/2005 ASIPP comments on ASC covered procedures. Click here
6/24/2005 ASIPP offers free legislative session, hotel to members Click here
6/22/2005 Subcommittee OKs NASPER; new ASIPP ethics committee. Click here
6/20/2005 ASIPP opens book store; 3 new codes begin July 1, more Click here
6/13/2005 ASIPP guidelines accepted by NGC/AHRQ Click here
6/10/2005 CMS cracks down on physical therapy billing Click here
5/31/2005 Board review registration, West Virginia meeting, more. Click here
5/25/2005 Senate committee approves NASPER  Click here
5/23/2005 Save Sept. 9-14 for Washington meeting, and more.  Click here
5/20/2005 ASIPP launches ABIPP. Click here
5/18/2005 Harvard researcher said Pay for Performance needs more research. Click here
5/17/2005 Generation 'Rx' drug use, physician-owned hospitals and more Click here
5/12/2005 Washington update from Dr. David Kloth, ASIPP president and more - - - Click here
5/10/2005 ASIPP gets 3 codes added to ASC list and more    Click here
5/2/2005 The HIPAA Privacy Rule and Workers' Compensation Click here
5/2/2005  Washington update by Dr. David Kloth, ASIPP president Click here
4/22/2005 NASPER update    Click here
4/21/2005 An update on CCI - Edits Click here
4/11/2005 Manchikanti appointed to MCAC    Click here
4/07/2005 New  Officers and Directors    Click here
3/28/2005 Physician supervision case wins in N.C    Click here
3/21/2005 Interventional pain physicians now included on Carrier Advisory Committees    Click here
3/21/2005 MAJOR VICTORY: Interventional Pain Physicians now included in CACs Click here
3/16/2005 New Director of Operations Begins Click here
3/15/2005 OIG to Focus on Billing Consultant Relationships- - - Click here
3/8/2005 U.S. Weighs Pay-For-Performance Medicare Click here
3/8/2005 OIG to Focus on Billing Consultant Relationships in 2005 Click Here
3/3/2005 NASPER, reintroduction in the 109th Congress by Ed Whitfield and Frank Pallone Click here

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1/7/2005  An update on CCI - Edits Click here


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