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  2004 UPDATES
12/1/2004 MedPAC staff review utilization and costs at Physician-Owned Specialty Hospitals Click Here
12/1/2004 Prescription drug abuse News Click Here
11/22/2004 Summary of the Proposed Rule for ASC relevant to Interventional Procedures for the calendar year 2005. Click Here
11/10/2004 Alleged Fraud by Two Outpatient Surgery Centers Click Here
11/10/2004 New Study Links Pfizer's Bextra, Similar to Vioxx, to Heart Attacks Click Here
By Gardiner Harris, The New York Times
11/06/2004 West Virginia and Purdue Pharma Settle OxyContin Lawsuit Click Here
11/3/2004 Election Results - Click Here
11/3/2004 Summary of the Final Rule for Physician Fee Schedule relevant to Interventional Procedures for the calendar year 2005. Click here
11/3/2004 Summary of the Final Rule for Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System for 2005
Payment Rates (Effective from 1/2/2005) Click here
11/01/2004 Pictures from the 6th Annual Meeting in Washington DC Click here
10/25/2004 Vioxx recall raises prescribing questions Click Here
10/19/2004 Doctors behind bars: Treating pain is now risky business
New York Times - Oct. 19, 2004 Click Here
10/6/2004 Prescription Drug Abuse Legislation Passes House Click here
9/30/2004 An update on Correct Coding Edits in Interventional Pain Management
Effective from 10/1/2004 Click Here
9/15/2004 Opioid Abuse - The September 15, 2004, issue of JAMA includes an article about abuse of prescription opioid medication
Available at JAMA.COM
9/15/2004 2003 National Survey on Drug Use & Health
9/8/2004 Aetna notice on 76005 and MAC Click here
9/7/2004 Have a Medicare policy question? Carriers usually give wrong answers Click here for more
9/1/2004 Wide U.S. Inquiry Into Purchasing for Health Care Click here for more ...
The New York Times, August 21, 2004, By Mary Williams Walsh
8/31/2004 Recommendations for Minimizing Legal Risk in Relationships ... Click here for more
8/31/2004 Availability of Celestone Soluspan... Click here
8/18/2004 Good news on "CELESTONE" Click here
>8/17/2004 Bad News for Interventional Pain Management:
Major Cuts for Hospital Outpatient Rates and Expected Cuts for Ambulatory Surgical Centers Click here
8/17/2004 Proposed Changes to the Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System and Calendar Year 2005
Payment Rates (Effective from 1/2/2005) Click here
8/16/2004 Summary of the proposed rule for Physician Fee Schedule relevant to Interventional Procedures for the calendar year 2005. Click here
8/13/2004 Bad news about RFTN- Latest from AMA Click here
7/12/2004 An update on Correct Coding in Interventional Pain Management Effective from 7/1/2004 Click Here
6/22/2004 Treatment Options for Opiate Addiction/Prescribing Methadone Click Here
6/15/2004 Progress with 76005 - Aetna unbundles Click Here
5/10/2004 Model Policy for the Use of Controlled Substances for the Treatment Of Pain
Federation Of State Medical Boards Of The United States, Inc Click Here for Draft Model Policy
5/9/2004 Methadone abuse hits state hard
345 deaths in 17 month tied to drug Click Here
5/3/2004 Privacy fears kill Florida prescription database
But health officials got more power to fight Medicaid fraud and prescription abuse Click Here
5/1/2004 Doctor Sued $3.4 million for False Billing, The Paducah Sun Click Here
4/13/2004 An update on Correct Coding in Interventional Pain Management Effective from 4/1/2004 - Click Here
3/25/2004 CMS Issues Interim Final Rule Addressing Physician Self-Referrals - Click Here
3/17/2004 Crackdown on drugs hits chronic-pain patients - Click Here
3/9/2004 >McClellan Nomination Approved by Panel - Click Here
3/9/2004 California Appeals Court Upholds Limit on 'Board-Certified' Ad Issue - Click Here
3/5/2004 Congressional Testimony on "Prescription Drug Monitoring: Strategies to Promote Treatment and Deter Prescription Drug Abuse"
presented by Laxmaiah Manchikanti, MD, President, ASIPP
Click Here for copy of the Report or from The Committee on Energy and Commerce

Hearing Web cast: Connect to the archive of this hearing web cast Part - 1    Part - 2
Committee web casts require the free Real Player
3/5/2004 Administrative Appeals: Challenging Payments For Implantable Pump Refill/Reprogramming Services - Click Here
3/2/2004 Crackdown on Prescription Abuse -
By Marc Kaufman, Washington Post Staff Writer, Tuesday, March 2, 2004; Page A09 - Click Here
2/23/2004 Bush Chooses the F.D.A.'s Chief to Run Medicare and Medicaid - By Robert Pear - Click Here
2/16/2004 Tax deductions for your 2003 ASIPP dues Click Here
2/16/2004 U.S. Is Working to Make Painkillers Harder to Obtain Patients May Suffer as DEA Battles Abuse Click Here
2/12/3004 FDA Chief Nears Nomination - To Take Over as Head of Medicare
By Sarah Lueck and Anna Wilde Mathews Click Here
2/9/2004 Healing a Bad Back Is Often an Effort in Painful Futility By Gina Kolata - Click Here
1/29/2004 Worried Pain Doctors Decry Prosecutions By Marc Kaufman - Click Here
1/21/2004 Sacroiliac Joint Injection Reimbursement for ASCs - Click Here
1/9/2004 Comparison of Physician Payment Schedule Rates (Pain Management Services) for 2002 Ð 2004 (Effective from 1/1/2004) Click Here
1/9/2004 Health Care Spending Increases for 6th Year,Washington Post, Jan. 9, 2004 - Click Here
1/9/2004 Health Spending Rises to Record 15% of Economy
By ROBERT PEAR, Published: in NYTimes.com January 9, 2004 - Click Here
1/6/2004 Medicare Prescription Drug Act Targets Specialty Hospitals - Click Here
1/6/2004 Nurses, doctors locked in new battle Click Here - Click Here
1/2/2004 AMA has approved ASIPP'S membership - Click Here


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