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  2003 UPDATES
12/31/2003 An update on Correct Coding in Interventional Pain Management-  Click Here
12/30/2003 Worried Pain Doctors Decry Prosecutions - Click Here
By Marc Kaufman, Washington Post Staff Writer
12/26/2003 HOPD Final Schedule for 2004 - (Effective from 1/1/2004)     Click Here

Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act Of 2003

Prepared By Arent Fox - Click Here

12/12/2003 Denial of procedure 76005 Click Here    KY
12/03/2003 FY 2003 - Improper Medicare FFS Payments .. Click Here
11/22/2003 Good News: Many NCCI Edits changed to our benefit Click Here 
1/8/2003 Drug recall - Nonsterile Injectable Click here more information ..
  FDA to take action against Pharmacies that Compound Drugs Click here
  Who's Mixing Your Drugs?
Bad medicine: Pharmacy mix-ups a recipe for misery 
Some drugstores operate with very little oversight     Click here


Erin Hallissy, Sabin Russell, Chronicle Staff Writers
Sunday, June 23, 2002
©2002 San Francisco Chronicle.


Role of Neuraxial Steroids in Interventional Pain Management, Pain Physician, 2002;182-189 Click here

  Rumors and information about depo-steroids  Click here
  Click here for Information About OxyContin
  Letter from Marcy T. Rogers, Management Technology Resources Click here
11/7/2003 Important correction to October 2003 Pain Physician journal É Click Here
10/31/2003 Frequently asked questions about  " Interventional Pain Management "specialty designation  -  Click Here
10/2/2003 An update on Correct Coding in Interventional Pain Management -  Click Here

National All Schedules Prescription Electronic Reporting Act of 2003 (NASPER) H.R. 3015 

Click Here to read The Bill

9/29/2003 CCI Edits at no cost from CMS  - Click Here
9/29/2003 Final Report of the Kentucky Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force - Click Here

OIG Issues Proposed Rule Regarding Submission of Claims Containing Excessive  Charges - Click Here

9/29/2003 Northern Virginia Doctor Indicted In OxyContin Scheme - Click Here

Authorities seek drugs after death of man, 19 More than 100 Oxy pills stolen at party

By LAURA BAUER - Click Here


Medicare Announces Plan to Accept HIPAA Non-Compliant Electronic Transactions 

After October 16 Compliance Deadline - Click Here


Task force studies abuse of narcotics Program to monitor prescription drugs 

may be improved By Gideon Gil - Click Here

8/21/2003 Proposed  Medicare Physician Fee Schedule rates for 2004 - Click Here
8/11/2003 HOPD Proposed Schedule for 2004 - Click Here

Cancellation of the Automatic July 2003 Mass Adjustments - Click Here

8/6/2003 Guidance on Compliance with HIPPA Transactions and Code Sets Click Here
7/25/2003 Reimbursement For Fluoroscopy in ASC's - Independent  Diagnostic  Testing Facilities. Click Here
7/23/2003 Have you changed your Specialty Designation for Interventional Pain Management- 09 Click Here
7/7/2003 "Medicare "waiver" for small providers billing on paper Click Here
6/24/2003 Legislative Visits, Washington- DC Ð May 7th  - 8th 2003   PHOTOS

OIG Says No Protection for ASC Joint Venture between Hospital and Multi-Specialty Group  

By William A. Sarraille, JD, et al   Click Here for more ...

4/22/2003 The Supreme Court Refuses to Strike Down Any Willing Provider Statutes - Click Here ... 
4/15/2003 3rd Semiannual Spring Meeting, San Diego, CA   PHOTOS
4/3/2003 High court backs state on HMO regulations
Kentucky's law allowing access to doctors upheld - Click Here ... 
3/28/2003  Great News - The much awaited Final Rule for ASCs -  Click Here 
3/20/2003 NASPER SAMPLE LETTERS - Click Here for Sample Letters
3/12/2003 Physician Payment Schedule for 2003 for Interventional Pain Management Procedures - Click Here
3/7/2003 Correct Billing of 72275 and 76005 Billed with Therapeutic Injections - Click Here ...
MedPAC March Report Details Payment Recommendations for FY 2004 - Click Here...
3/4/2003 Fluoroscopy Dilemma in ASC's - Click Here ...
3/3/2003 Sacroiliac joint injection in hospital setting - Click Here ...
2/26/2003 OIG Report $1 Billion Savings for Medicare with uniform ASC and Hospital Payments - Click Here ...
2/19/2003 Report from the O.I.G. on improper fiscal year 2002 Medicarefee-for-service payments - Click Here ...
2/19/2003 Physician Reimbursement for 2003 may group by 1.6%, instead of a 4.4% cut. - Click Here ...


   1. MedPAC Recommendations - Click Here for more information

   2. Review of Claims for Multiple Procedures Performed in the Same Operative Session in

       Ambulatory Surgical Centers Ð OIG Report  Click Here for more information

   3. Uniform Rates for Outpatient Services could save for more information

   4. O.I.G on review of claims for multiple procedures performed in the same operative session in ASC 
       Click Here for more information O.I.G Reports



1. Physician Cuts Update - Good News - For more information Click Here

2. Specialty Designation for Interventional Pain Management- 09- For more information Click Here

3. CPT Coding Update- For more information Click Here

4. Correct Coding in Interventional Pain Management- For more information Click Here

5. Adhesiolysis CPT 62263 vs 62264- For more information Click Here

6. New Correct Coding Edits coming- For more information Click Here

1/13/2003 Bill adds drug-monitoring funds-By Gideon Gil  Click Here
1/3/2003 Drug recall - Nonsterile Injectable - Click Here more information .....


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